Saturday, December 22, 2007

Elyse Harrison's Favorite Artwork

Elyse Harrison is the hardworking and talented gallery owner and director of Bethesda's Neptune Gallery, and she responds to my request for readers' favorite artworks. Elyse writes

Joan Miro's "The Farm" has been an important painting in my life. "The Farm" predates Miro's shift into higher abstraction yet contains numerous examples which interpret everyday objects as exquisite abstract compositions. I really enjoy the simultaneous views of exterior and interior spaces and the skill of his brush work. The palette is beautiful, extremely well balanced. I can gaze into this piece deeply, meeting the magic of Joan Miro over and over again. This work has made me want to be an artist.

Joan Miro - The Farm

"The Farm" by Joan Miro (Catalan, 1893 - 1983)