Monday, December 03, 2012

Miami art fairs: Day -2

The worst part about doing an art fair (other than the brutal costs) are the unloading and packing up process.

The unloading this year was accidentally super easy.

Yesterday morning I was dropping off the gallery intern (the super hardworking and talented Audrey Wilson, whose work we will also be showing as one of the perks of being an intern at Alida Anderson Art Projects). When I say "dropping off" I mean at the Aqua Hotel in Miami Beach, where the art fair will be taking place starting Wednesday for VIPs.

The official unload time starts at 5PM, and yet, someone there was nice enough to say, "Since you are already here, you can go ahead and unload."

And in less than 20 minutes we had unloaded.

Nightmare number one avoided: a long-assed wait to unload among the heavy traffic of Collins Avenue in Miami Beach on Sunday night or Monday morning.

This morning we started hanging, and we're about 50% done.

Afterwards, I headed back to Hollywood Beach for a walk on the boardwalk, some pizza and a pitcher of beer ... cough... cough ice tea with the family.

While I was gone, Little Junes and his mom were exploring the best thing about Florida other than Cuban food...

Anderson Campello running in Hollywood Beach, Florida, Dec 2012

Aqua on top

Just checked the results of the poll on the Best Emerging Art Fair in Miami, which New American Paintings magazine ran around the elections earlier this month, and (as I suspected) the Aqua Art Fair in Miami Beach --- where we kicked ass last year and where we're returning to this year in room 116 --- is at the top, by a really wide margin, which is more than I can say about the recent Presidential elections. 

 See you at the fair starting next Wednesday!