Thursday, August 29, 2019

Zofie King: Secular Relics and Apocryphal Fossils

Please join the very talented Zofie King for her solo exhibition "Secular Relics and Apocryphal Fossils" at Hillyer, opening on Friday, September 6, 6-9pm, with an artist talk during Art All Night, Saturday, September 14 at 8:30pm.

Final Thoughts, c. 2019 by Zofie King
Final Thoughts, c.2019
Found objects, acrylic, resin, LED, velvet, cyanotype on satin
66" x 20" x 15"
Image courtesy of Pete Duvall
She writes:
When making the pieces for this show, I was reflecting on how objects connect us to history, both geological and cultural. Fossils serve as a record of geological time, in which humans are a mere blip, while reliquaries encapsulate myths that go back several centuries. The origin of relics is often dubious, and their provenance hard to track. In fact, a reliquary is venerated for what it is thought to contain, and its real value lies in the story that surrounds the object. Similarly, fossils hold our fascination by telling us about the history of life before humans. Studied extensively, they are put into context using the scientific method, but in holding a fossil, one is also physically connected to a prehistoric time. 
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