Monday, November 27, 2006

Some Philly Galleries

Last weekend I finally had some free time and once again I dropped by some of the excellent Philadelphia galleries located in a big cluster around North Second Street, in an area apparently once the center of the universe for restaurant supply retailers, none of which I visited, although next time I will pop into one of them and see if they will sell me a Jaccard machine, which is the real secret as to why steaks always taste better and are super tender in restaurants.

You never know whatcha gonna learn by reading MiddieArtNews do you?

Anyway, I spent quite a long while chatting with the fair Christine Pfister, owner and director of Pentimenti Gallery, who was getting ready to head down to Miami, where she will be at the Bridge Art Fair (booth 206). She was more than generous with both her time and sharing her knowledge of Philly's art scene. It was easy to discover that this is one of the key independent commercial fine arts galleries in Philadelphia.

Also saw Nexus, which is moving and will reopen January 2007 at the Crane Arts Building. Also spent some time in Muse Gallery, which is a nice co-op, at Artists' House, where I really liked the paintings of Anthony Palumbo, who also shows in the DC area at Principle Gallery in Alexandria.

One final quick pop in to the curiously named Third Street Gallery, which is also on Second Street next to Muse Gallery, and which also appears to be a nice co-op, and then ran out of time.