Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Watching Bill on TV

RSVP Opens Friday!

Although over the years I’ve had the honor and pleasure of judging, organizing, curating, etc. my fellow artists many, many times (by my last count almost 300 times now!), one fact is always a constant and solid, never-changing, ever-present, add some more of your own metaphors for “you can count on this” fact: It is never easy!

OK, two facts: the second constant is that I am always refreshed and surprised by the spectacular diversity and pluralism of visual ideas that artists can deliver. This is the main reason that I really, really like putting together, organizing and jurying art shows.

And even after all these years and all these shows, I was still astounded by the quality and wide ranging sources used by the artists who gave me the honor to review their work for RSVP, a show that I had the honor to jury for the New Wilmington Art Association in Delaware.

And I can honestly say that this was not only one of the most difficult (and most fun) shows to whittle down to a select few, but also one which truly puts together a remarkable sampling of the revolving capacity of the artistic mind to educate, entertain, baffle, lead, record, interpret, upset, delight and make us proud to be part of the visual arts component of the human race.

RSVP surprised me by how far artists went to explore contemporary issues – in some cases by delighting the viewer with a new take on a 70-year-old British slogan; or by a performance that humanizes one of the simplest and most popular of childhood toys; or a painting that manages to inject us with the same lust that it so adeptly visualizes.

If you can, go and see this show; you will walk away (as with any group show) with a variety of reactions all fighting to control your reaction to it. But you will walk away also with multiple reactions, and you will walk away with the refreshing and never-ending breath of fresh air that good art injects into our daily lives.

Come see this show and join me in applauding the always-evolving skill and intelligence of contemporary artists who wield brushes, pencils, charcoal sticks, palette knives, computers, metal, stone, found objects and their own bodies to punch the solar plexus of our minds with ideas and reactions.

The opening reception is this Friday, and it includes a performance at 7:30pm titled “Dress Me” by Kara Dunne
“As a living paper doll, the audience may dress me however they choose with a wide selection of paper garments adjusted to my size.  Included in the wardrobe are vests, skirts, dresses, lederhosen, bellboy jacket, a tuxedo, hot pants and lingerie.”

A second opening (sans performance) will take place October 5th.

Participating Artists
Terry Anderson
Paul Andreas
Leslie Boyd
Nancy Breslin
Breck Omar Brunson
Tibi Chelcea
Hunter Clarke
Suzanne Comer
Kathryn Cook
Christina Day
Elyssa Duckett
Kara Dunne
Alicia Eggert
Francine Fox
Patricia Goslee
Kevin Gross
Atom Gunn
Stacey Gruver
Jeannette Herrera
Daniel Johnson
Kim Knauer
Patrick Koziol
Larry Lairson
April Loveday
Meagan Mika
Bert Pasquale
John Reef
Dan Rios
Chuck Schultz
Alexandra Silverthorne
Fierce Sonia

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