Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Clinton Hill at The Georgia Museum of Art

A shout out to my peeps - Navy veteran Clinton Hill at GMA!
The Georgia Museum of Art is very excited to say that we’re opening an exhibition displaying the works of artist Clinton Hill. Known for his talent when working with paper, print, and even sculptures, Clinton Hill creates pieces that are known for their abstract expressionism as well as their minimalism and collage elements. These different elements are what stamps Hill’s works to be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Hill was born on a ranch in Payette, Idaho, a small town in the southwest region of the state. Surrounded by Native American reservations, Hill studied and grew to appreciate Native American culture. Later on in his life, Hill and his family moved to La Grande, Oregon, an area of vast mountains and overwhelming natural beauty. This is where Hill began his efforts to experiment with watercolor and found his passion as an artist.

Hill was a man of experience. Not only was he a United States Navy Vet, but he traveled all around the work studying art and culture. He attended L’Academie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, France as well as the Art Institute of Florence in Florence, Italy. Along with his vast education, he was also granted a Fullbright Fellowship that took him to India where he studied textile weaving and paper-making, two very intricate and delicate processes that require a lot of patience. These skills made an undeniable print on Hill’s artistry, one that many can see in his pieces.

The Georgia Museum of Art’s Clinton Hill exhibition will be available to the public on January 6th. For no price whatsoever, guests will be able to examine the various works and prints created by the skilled artist throughout the course of his extensive career.
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