Friday, February 12, 2010

Mellema on new DC gallery?

We've been sitting on an interesting D.C. art scene story, waiting for the situation to develop enough that the telling of it won't ruin it. The situation is still in a state of flux, and still a few weeks shy of full disclosure, but solidifies by the day. We can tell you some of it now.

Speculation at the Daily Campello Art News ( has been that someone was looking to sign a short term lease for the much lauded, but still vacant old Numark Gallery space downtown. The educated conclusion being drawn was that a temporary gallery might be going into that space. We can confirm the rumors as being true, as far as they go. The lease was, in fact, signed on Tuesday of this week, so now it's full speed ahead.
Read the very interesting story by Kevin Mellema in the Falls Church News-Press here.