Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Art of Failure

" a feature documentary about the life of Chuck Connelly, a brilliant yet enigmatic painter who had great success as a young artist in the art boom of the 1980’s but who has perpetuated a long downward spiral in his career due to ego, drugs, women, and alcohol. He now is increasingly fearful of his fate. Driven by desperation, Connelly comes up with several crazy schemes to sell his work to galleries and stage a comeback in the art world."
The film will air on HBO this Monday July 7th at 9pm EST. More broadcast dates here and the film's website is here and Connelly's website is here.

Connelly is represented in the Philadelphia area by The Knapp Gallery which currently has "The New Philadelphia School" exhibition (through August 24). It includes work by Tom Brady, Chuck Connelly, Giappo DiFederico, Jon Eckel, Adam Lee Farrell, and R. Michael Walsh.