Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hard Questions

David Genovesi has an interesting list of 22 art questions that he hopes he is never asked in an interview:

- What is art?

- Does art have a purpose, if so, what is it?

- Who determines whether an artist is an artist?

- Why do you create?

- Does the art you create have any particular meaning?

- Does the art you create have any social implications?

- Does the art you create pay the rent?

- What effect is the digital revolution having on art?

- Who has the final authority for determining the “validity” of contemporary art?

- Would you advise a young person to become an artist?

- Must art be beautiful?

- Is there such a thing as "good art" or "bad art", if so, what's the difference?

- Is there such a thing as "a good artist" or "a bad artist", if so, what's the difference?

- Is painting still a valid art form?

- Is a print of a painting art?

- To what extent must an artist consider his audience?

- What’s the most important asset an artist needs to survive today?

- Why buy art?

- Is buying art a good investment?

- Who is the best living artist?

- Is a painting by Jackson Pollock worth 140 million dollars?

- If you’re such a good artist, why aren’t you rich and famous?

WCP Sold

The Washington City Paper has been sold. Details here.

If it wasn't for the CP's visual arts coverage, all that we'd have in the nation's capital is the voice of a freelancer writing 20 odd columns a year for the WaPo's Style section and O'Sullivan's weekly column in the Weekend section.

Let's hope that the new ownership continues the CP's tradition of leading the visual arts coverage in the printed media in DC.

Wanna go to a DC opening tomorrow?

Rebecca C. Adams: Compulsory Figures and ∞ at Transformer.

Using sound and large street drawings to interpret an archaic division of figure skating, this indoor and outdoor installation captures the sonic environment of practicing compulsory figures on ice, while visually striving to reproduce similar exercises on pavement. Opening : July 26, 6:30 - 8 PM.