Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look into my eyes...

Anderson Lennox Campello
Anderson Lennox Campello, also known as "Little Junes" while doing some open studio visits last weekend.

Mera Rubell Visit

Part one of the Mera Rubell visit to 36 DC area studios in 36 hours is up tomorrow morning... this was great for the DC art scene if a little chaotic for me.

The Grand Admiral of the now defunct Soviet Fleet, Sergei Gorshkov, once stated that the "reason that the American Navy is so good in time of war is because war is chaos and the US Navy practices chaos everyday."

As a former Naval officer, I'm good at dealing with chaos...

Studio Visiting

In the last few days, between visiting open studios and the terrific show at Gallery Neptune in Bethesda, I've acquired quite a few of the Xmas presents that I intend to give. Problem is that I'd really like to keep the cool Glenn Friedel photograph and/or the great Sean Hennessey sculpture.

And a little secret: both were great deals for excellent art.

Give art for the holidays.

Below is Little Junes in his cool puppy hat that will embarrass him forever on the Internets as we dragged him along studio and gallery visiting.

Anderson Lennox Campello at 3 months

Emerging Artists at Museums

The Guggenheim Museum has Intervals and in 2010:

Through January 6, 2010
Berlin-based Kitty Kraus has been invited to exhibit her work for the second installment of Intervals, a new contemporary art series designed to showcase experimental projects by emerging artists and reflect the spirit of today’s most innovative practices. Kraus works in a spare, elegiac vocabulary of monochrome forms and humble materials such as lightbulbs, ice, mirrors, and glass. For Intervals, Kraus has installed two sculptures in the Annex Level 5 gallery of the museum. This exhibition is organized by Nancy Spector, Chief Curator; Joan Young, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art and Manager of Curatorial Affairs; and Katherine Brinson, Assistant Curator.
How come none of our DC area museums offer an exhibition series for "emerging artists"?

The Arlington Arts Center Studios

The Arlington Arts Center is currently accepting applications for a space in the group studio. Applications are due by December 21 and artists will be notified on December 24.

The studio is available as of January 1, 2010. For eligibility requirements, process information, and to download an application, please visit this website.