Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lisa Rosenstein's Top AOM artists

Alex Zealand - sculptor; she uses recycled/sustainable materials to create works of great delicacy and beauty. She was in a show with Adam Eig (another talented sculptor) at the new artdc.org gallery in Hyattsville. She had made a sculptural bowl out of grape stems that was so beautiful to look at, and the shadows it cast were just as nice to look at.

Barry Schmetterer - photography, deeply thoughtful and masterful works that give the viewer a space for contemplation.

Steven Reveley - glass artist; the first time that I saw this glass work my breath stopped at the combination of strength and fragility.

Sherill Gross - paper artist; the intricacy of her work blows my mind.

Jessica Hensley - collagist-self taught; very intentional fine workmanship, good compositions

Ben Toller - drawing; this guy is amazing. His eye and line are beyond belief. I saw his work at the O street studio a month or so ago. He's starting to paint, and already is above and beyond most; his work makes me think of Hieronymous Bosch.

Jeannette Herrerra - She's a little bit (actually a lot!) outsider art - very talented, self taught painter, very, very prolific. Both my kids bought her work at AOM last year with their own money. My son who was 14 at the time spotted her work first.

m. gert barkovic - saw this outrageous sculpture my first go round, had taken a pic and sent to the artist (whose name I then forgot). Just received an e-mail in response - yay! This one should have gotten one of those Renwick craft awards-Highest Honor.

Laurel Lukaszewski - just love her work.

Mark Planisek

Just received the terrible news that DC area artist Mark Planisek had a horrible accident over the weekend.

Apparently Mark was coming out of the Arlington Arts Center and about to was crossing the street, when a car peeled off, causing him to retreat backwards onto the sidewalk; he tripped on the curb and fell backwards, and was struck by a car and received a really bad head injury.

Planisek is in ICU and we're all hoping and praying for the best, but I am sad to say that his family has been told to prepare for the worst.