Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pool woes

When I was a kid in Brooklyn, our neighbors on Sackman Street (Paula and Augie) had one of those above ground pools. Because our backyard and theirs was only separated by a chain link fence, it was easy for me to climb it and use their pool at will, which was OK with Augie, but not OK with Paula, which was a weird thing, because she was always feeding me alongside her kids, as she was a stay-at-home-mom, while my Mom had a job as a seamstress at one of the nearby factories that used to exist in Brooklyn where people like my Mom would work and get paid by what was then called "piece work."

But Augie was the one always working and doing stuff all year round to keep the pool working for those really hot NY summers, although he really hated me dive-bombing into the pool from the second floor fire escape ladder... you had to be good, and sort of belly-flop the water entry (the pool was only around five feet deep), otherwise you'd break your legs or seriously pop your knee caps. But Augie loved kids enjoying his pool!

Anyway, when I was house-hunting last year, I quickly discovered that houses in Media, PA are a lot more affordable than Potomac, MD, so I ended up in a cool house. And yet I was reticent to sign up, because the house came with a pool.

Pools are money pits.

And we quickly discovered that this pool, like many other pools, an hour after the warranties expire, leak. It's hard to hold water in a concrete bubble.

First estimates to fix the pool came in around a ton of money... as time went by, and more and more crap was removed from the pool (apparently built somewhere in the 60s) the "this-is-what's-wrong" stuff kept piling up and now we're up to around two tons of money and I am one good drunk away from filling the fucking thing with soil and planting pachysandras in the hole.

Wanna go to a DC opening tomorrow?

Carolina Mayorga will be having her opening event at Transformer tomorrow at 6:30PM. And then Robert Parrish's opening will be a week from tomorrow at the same time, same place.

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities is on the move

On July 17, 2007, The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities will be moving uptown to a new location at 2901 14th Street NW, First Floor, Washington, DC 20010 and their phone is 202-724-5613.

Another Artomatic this year?

Blake Gopnik may have a fit, but I am told (as I mentioned before) that there's a pretty good chance of another AOM this year - this time in DC as usual.

Stay tuned!

PS - Sorry Blake... slammajamma two posts in a row; my bad.

Blake Gopnik got lost in Europe

If you think that DC area artsy writers, and DC area museum staffers, and DC area artists, and DC area gallerists, and Washingtonian magazinists, and DC area art collectors, and WaPo readers are the only ones almost always rolling their eyes over what and how Blake Gopnik writes about art, then you should read what Floridian Glenn Weiss, over at Aesthetic Grounds writes about the Gopnikmeister's recent European dispatches.

Wanna go to a Virginia opening this afternoon?

I know it's hot out there, so why not slip into the League of Reston Artists' opening this afternoon?

The opening is Wednesday, July 11 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm in the main hallway of the National Center Gallery of the U. S. Geological Survey in Reston, VA - details and directions here.

NY Arts Magazine Looking for Editor

NY Arts magazine is seeking a new editor.

The applicant should have at least two years of editorial experience, but should likewise have a significant knowledge of emerging and established contemporary artists, galleries, project spaces, art fairs and biennials. Daily responsibilities will include constant correspondence with artists, curators, directors and writers in pulling in and section editing up to 4 sections of the magazine per issue, online research, copy and line editing up to 200 pages of content per bi-monthly issue, updating, uploading and revamping our website and compiling a daily newsletter of art-related events for distribution. While editorial experience and art knowledge are key, excellent communication and managerial skills are also a must within our busy office space and attached gallery.

Submit resume, cover letter and two published clips (preferably art-related) to with subject line "Editorial Position for Art Magazine."

Job in the Arts

The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA), a non-collecting museum located on Wilmington's revitalized Riverfront, is looking to hire a full-time curator beginning fall 2007.

The DCCA is conveniently located on the I-95 corridor, within walking distance to an Amtrak/SEPTA station, and 30 minutes from Philadelphia. The DCCA currently presents nearly 30 exhibitions annually of regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized artists in its seven galleries, offers on-site studios to 26 working artists, and carries out an active schedule of educational and community outreach programs. The Curator is responsible for initiating, developing, implementing, and interpreting a schedule of temporary exhibitions. Central to the job is the ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with an active community of artists, collectors, curators, and patrons. Close connection to the contemporary art world is paramount. Strong organizational, research, written and oral communication skills are necessary; ability to work as part of a team of dedicated professionals is essential. Requirements include a graduate degree in art history (Ph.D. preferred) or an allied field and at least two years of full-time curatorial experience. Salary is competitive.

Please send letter, CV with contact information for three references, and writing samples to:

200 South Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Or to No phone or in person inquiries.