Sunday, December 17, 2017

It's all good!

Gee folks! I posted Invictus a few days ago and all of a sudden people are emailing me asking if I'm OK - it's all good, and no worries.

I learned that poem some time in my teens... around age 13 I was hit by a speeding car crossing Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. It made me sail from Atlantic to the middle of Eastern Parkway and it broke my left femur on impact with the ground, and my hip.

The car kept on going - hit and run.

I spent several months in a body cast at Brooklyn Hospital - not fun. 

Incredibly enough, considering my Fridamania, I had never noted this parallel with Kahlo until someone recently mentioned it to me.

Anyway, someone read that poem to me while I was in the hospital all those months (my father and mother came every single night, and my mother brought me dinner every single night, as I hated hospital food, while my father scarfed up the hospital food).

I now equate Invictus with hospital stays.

No worries.