Saturday, December 12, 2009

Question Pho You

As I drove back home from the Gateway Arts District's open studios, on University Avenue alone we drove by several Vietnamese Pho restaurants (I love Pho and I love the taste that Plum sauce gives to the soup).

They all have names such as PHO 75, PHO 95, PHO 301, etc. Does anyone know what the number after the "Pho" stands for?

Baker Awards for Baltimore Artists

This is one spectacular opportunity for Baltimore artists as it returns for its second year.

The Baker Awards, funded by The Baker Foundation, in conjunction with the Baltimore City Department of Promotion and the Arts, is awarding three (yes three!) $20,000 prizes to Baltimore artists annually.

Although only Baltimore artists are eligible, anyone can sign up and vote.

Do it!

Details here.

I've decided this year to vote for someone whose work is new to me... this year my vote will either go to Rachel Bone or to Nicole Buckingham.