Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free passes to the Miami art fairs?

Anybody need some free passes to some of the art fairs in Miami during ABMB week? Drop me an email if you'd like some.

I've noted with some sadness that the DMV is barely represented this year in Miami - as far as I can tell, only three DMV area galleries (one just an online gallery) and one non profit, are heading to Miami this year plus one Baltimore gallery, one Richmond gallery and one Norfolk gallery.

It's pretty tough being an artist in 2011 and not having a footprint in Miami during ABMB week.

What I don't get - having lived there recently - is how come there are over half a dozen Philadelphia galleries in various art fairs in Miami - twice the number over DMV.

A load of talent

Some of the great talent in my 100 Artists of Washington, DC book - photo taken at a recent book signing event at the home of a a major DMV art collector.

Lenny Campello and Lida Moser
That's me with the legendary Lida Moser.