Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lyrical Flight | Barbara Januszkiewicz

My good friend Barbara is opening at the gorgeous Athenaeum in Old Town Alexandria - easily one of the most beautiful art spaces in the DMV!

Lyrical Flight | Barbara Januszkiewicz

April 18 – June 2, 2019

Artist Reception: Sunday, May 12, 4 - 6 pm

Collaboration: Light Exists, Sunday, June 2, 1 pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, June 2, 2 pm
Barbara Januszkiewicz luminous and elegant paintings evolved out of her early work in watercolor, a progression evident in the almost liquid flow of colors across her large compositions. In these acrylic works, tones melt together and "veils of pigment appear to fold over one another, creating illusory creases and hollows. The overall affect is one of slow, powerful visual rhythms. Januszkiewicz semi-translucent colors floats across her surfaces, soaking into the unprimed canvas and paper to create tactile fusions of paint and support that envelope the viewer in diaphanous veils of paint. 
Januszkiewicz pure abstract forms call to mind the stained canvases of Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler, but her work embodies a unique elegance that differentiates it
from that of her color fields with wonderful abstract shapes that are rendered loosely with a great feeling of fluidity and motion. "My brushwork is applied in waves of curving, color shapes, submerged in translucent washes. My goal is to achieve the highest degree of richness, with a light source that comes not from applied paint, but rather from the luminosity of the brilliant white paper or canvas," said Januszkiewicz. Here we see Januszkiewicz produce zen-like brush strokes across large formats with watercolor-like acrylics effortlessly.