Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Power of the web

Sunday I wrote about ARCO's "Expanded Box" project being curated by Claudia Giannetti, and asked for some of DC's illuminati to contact Ms. Gianetti in order to bring to her attention some of the area artists who are working with technology as part of their art.

Last night, amongst the hundreds of emails that I am still trying to read, there was a new one from Ms. Giannetti, and she's very interested!

I will discuss with her about the area artists that I am familiar with and who work with technology, but if there's other artists out there, from Philly down to Richmond, who are working with technology to deliver works of art, please contact me (hurry!).

Somebody pinch me

Will the aliens who kidnapped WaPo art critic Blake Gopnik and replaced him with an art critic who all of a sudden likes painting, please return him accept our thanks!

Writing from the Venice Biennale, Blake is shocked and surprised to discover that he likes the paintings of Mustafa Hulusi.

Together with other "painting is dead" acolytes, the Gopnikmeister suddenly discovers that disliking an entire form of the fine arts is never a good thing.

Barbara and Aaron Levine, Renée Van Halm and Blake Gopnik: welcome to the real world where minds are open to all art forms, rather than only to slogans and agendas and ideas.

Read his report here.