Friday, December 29, 2017

Artist Lifestyle Survey

 Art Festival Newsletter National Survey:
You are invited to take part in the latest nationwide artists' survey conducted by Art-Linx. The subject is "Art Festival Artists: Who We Are 2017".  You need not be an Art-Linx subscriber to participate.

A revised version of the surveys conducted from 2011-2016, "Art Festival Artists: Who We Are 2017" continues to build on the information about the composition, demographics, festival practices and goals of festival exhibitors nationwide--and how our community has changed in the last, tumultuous year. 

Your responses are completely anonymous. They are automatically collated and tabulated. Neither Art-Linx, nor anyone else, knows who participates in the survey or their answers to the questions.

As always,we will prepare a report on the survey. In addition, with the goal of assisting shows in their efforts to respond to artists' needs, we will make the survey report available to over 1,500 art and craft festivals across the United States.

In just a few minutes of your valuable time, you can add your experiences, opinions and plans to those of other artists and help reach a cohesive understanding of who we are.

We sincerely hope you decide to join us in this important endeavor.

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