Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Germans are coming!

The long-awaited exhibition by contemporary German artists "Aachen to Arlington: Imagining the Distance," opens today at the Arlington Arts Center, with additional exhibitions by Arlington artists and resident studio artist, Taek Lee. The formal opening reception for the show will be Friday, September 7, 6 – 9 p.m.

Curated by Harald Kunde, Director of the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen, it offers works by six exhibiting German artists: Tobias Danke, Irmel Kamp-Bandau, Andreas Magdanz, Stephan Mörsch and Hans Niehus. Most of these artists are represented by Stephen Adamski’s Adamski Gallery for Contemporary Art in Aachen, Germany.

Running concurrently in the AAC’s Truland Gallery will be a preview of selected works from the show Arlington to Aachen: Imaging The Distance, featuring works by American artists Caroline Danforth, Chawky Frenn, Maria Karametou, Evan Reed, Mona Sfeir and Amy Glengary Yang. This exhibition is co-curated by Claire Huschle, AAC Executive Director, and Carol Lukitsch, AAC Director of Exhibitions. This exhibition in its entirety will take place in Aachen, Germany November 9, 2007 – January 13, 2008. Both Caroline Danforth and Chawky Frenn are two of the most skilled and innovative painters in the Greater DC area, so I know that this will represent Arlington well in Germany.

And for those with the lame claim that there's no viable political art being created by American artists, I challenge thee to study the works of Chawky Frenn.

This Lebanese-born American artist and GMU Professor has been putting brush to canvas (well panel mostly) for many years with gorgeous narrative works that are nearly always delivering powerful political and social messages. It has earned him a lot of attention, including the cancellation of a solo show by his Boston gallery just after Sept. 11, when they though his work would cause too much controversy in Boston, and a travelling museum show that went through seven US museums and Universities a few years ago.

Another Good Day Painter

First there was Duane Kaiser with his one-a-day paintings, and we all know what a spectacular success he has enjoyed since.

And now Queenstown, Maryland area artist Joseph Miller has taken the daily brush to a painting-a-day task and begun a daily painting regime. See his work here.

Kata Mejia

If you have noticed a stage being built in the parking lot off 14th Street/Corcoran in DC, it is being built for "Healing," a four night performance by Philly artist Kata Mejia.

Kata Mejia
The performances will take place Wednesday through Saturday (August 1st-4th), nightly at 6pm and each performance lasts approx. 1 hour. The location is the BodySmith Parking Lot (1622 14th Street, NW (between Corcoran and R streets, NW in DC).

"Healing" commemorates the first anniversary of the death of the artist's little brother, who was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia by the FARC terrorist guerrillas.

Details at the Randall Scott Gallery's website.

Opportunity for Artists

Massachusetts' Storefront Artist Project is currently looking for artists for Exhibitions, Projects, Etc.

The Storefront Artist Project is in the process of expanding its artist network and is looking for artists interested in participating in its various activities.

Areas of opportunity include: exhibitions, studios, residencies, and artist mentors for high school students and other outreach programs.

Please send a letter (and/or email) stating areas of interest, bio, images, website, etc. to:

Storefront Artist Project
124 Fenn Street
Pittsfield, MA 01210

Or email: mail@storefrontartist.org

Picture New York

Sign this.

It is a petition to defeat a new NYC regulation introduced quietly just before Memorial Day weekend. The regulations could severely impede the ability of even casual photographers and filmmakers to operate in New York City.

More details here.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center Seeks Executive Director

Deadline: August 17, 2007

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, a contemporary visual arts center and gallery in Silver Spring, MD, dedicated to creation, exhibition and appreciation of paper, prints and book art, seeks a new Executive Director to succeed founder, Helen Frederick, who has been running the joint for over 26 years.

“We have been working with Helen to ensure that Pyramid Atlantic will continue to flourish in our Silver Spring home,” said Board Chair Sally Sternbach. “For the board, our members and patrons, this is a time to celebrate Helen’s remarkable artistic and administrative achievements in building this organization over the past 27 years. It’s also a time of great excitement with the advent of new leadership, which will continue the tradition of excellence that Helen has established and assure a bright future for Pyramid Atlantic.”

The new person will direct, inspire and oversee art programs through collaboration with external artistic leaders for the organization's programming and artistic activity. Reporting to the Board, they will work closely with local, regional and broader philanthropic community, including state and local agencies, to cultivate financial and other support.

Experience should include: arts background, proven leader with entrepreneurial flair, experience with diverse fundraising of $500k annually, experience leading a management team and staff through change process, Master's or Bachelor's degree in Art, Arts Management or related field.

Click here for a full job description. To apply send (by August 17) an email with your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to: info@successionusa.com.