Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fairouz Cafe And Gallery

Today I had lunch at one of the best Mediterranean/Greek/Middle Eastern restaurants that I can recall - ever.

Fairouz Cafe And GalleryI'm talking about Fairouz Cafe And Gallery in San Diego (Gallery because the owner is quite an accomplished artist - Ibrahim Al Nashashibi - and loads of his work decorates the restaurant).

The lunch buffet was amazing! It has both a vegan side and also a "regular" fare of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean delicacies - but many of them (I talked to the owner) come from Nashashibi's mother's recipes - which have been in the family for centuries.

And I mean centuries - for example Nashashibi was born in a house on Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa which the Nashashibi family has owned for centuries!

"You must try the Lemon and Chicken soup!" he begged me as I was about to leave. "It has been voted San Diego's best soup for the last two years in a row!" he told me.

I tried it and it was delicious. As was the saffron chicken, which also tasted as it had been infused with lemon. The combo of saffron and lemon was a fantasy to the taste buds.

Even simple dishes, like the garlic cabbage were amazing.

And all of that and much, much more in a buffet for $8.99 - simply a spectacular deal for the money for home cooked food from the east part of the Med.

Fairouz Cafe And Gallery
3166 Midway Drive #102
San Diego, California 92110
Phone: 619.225.030

WGS Studio Coordinator Position Open

The Washington Glass School has an immediate opening for a Studio Coordinator in its Mt. Rainier location. Founded 8 years ago, this is one of the busiest studios on the East coast. They are not only an educational venue, but they are also the home of many successful independent artists. The School also works with large scale public art projects.

The successful candidate will have many of the following traits:

~ Extremely organized and punctual
~ Ability to move from one project to the next very quickly
~ Be a self starter and able to work independently
~ Skills in sculpting clay would be helpful…..as well as skills in computer work, administrative paperwork, warm glass, shipping and delivery
~ Comfortable with people and able to possible teach classes
Duties will include:
~ Daily studio clean-ups
~ Working with plaster, lost wax, warm glass
~ Installing sculptural work
~ Assisting or taking over some classes.
~ 100 things that might come up….and do. This can be hard, dirty work
What they offer:
~ To learn numerous methods of relating to glass and sculpture (all classes are free to you)
~ Free studio space to work on your warm glass
~ $10 an hour to start
~ The ability to see how a very successful sculpture studio operates.
~ Many gallery and show opportunities.
~ The ability to become part of a much larger community
~ Mentoring for your career as an artist
This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to further their sculpture or glass career, and to join one of the most successful teams in the region. Please email Tim Tate at TimTateGlass@aol.com.

Washington Glass School
3700 Otis St.
Mt. Rainier, Md. 20712