Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Opening reception March 9th 6-8.30pm

CountDown Temporary Artspace presents its ultimate exhibition.

Of its own volition, CountDown will implode in the very near future, go underground and may or may not reincarnate in another form, at another time, at other places.

To commemorate its short-lived life, CountDown has invited four DMV artists to participate in this event: Jessica van Brakle, Mei Mei Chang, Scottie Fleming and Thomas Drymon.

Each will construct site-specific works that relate to the theme of construction and destruction. Their works will not be cherished but rather demolished with the art space.

They are open until implosion! Opening reception March 9th 6-8.30pm. All other visits by appointment only - please contact Jackiehoysted@aol.com for details