Sunday, February 04, 2007


It's halftime at the Super Bowl and... am I the only one noticing that 80% of the commercials so far are CBS commercials?

What happened to all those usually fun and artsy Super Bowl commercials?

I think that advertisers said to CBS: "Too expensive" and they passed and CBS got stuck with a game without commercials other than their own.

For 17 years?

From the Philly Inquirer:

The Independence Seaport Museum accused its former president yesterday of defrauding it of $2.4 million to pay for a "lavish lifestyle" that included trips to France and New Zealand and freewheeling spending on paintings, high-end furniture and expensive boats.

The ex-director, John S. Carter, is under FBI investigation, Carter's lawyer confirmed last night.

Despite being paid $301,000 a year - more than the head of the Philadelphia Museum of Art - Carter systematically ripped off the seaport museum, the museum contends in a lawsuit.
Apparently this guy was really trying to hide the alleged rip-off, as he had "the museum pay more than $500,000 to buy and maintain boats that were solely 'for his personal use and enjoyment.' It said the vessels included a 38-foot sailboat, a sport-fishing boat, and a power boat - which alone cost $446,000.

Spent massively on three museum credit cards, racking up $594,000 in charges between 2003 and his departure in early 2006. He did not furnish supporting documents for most of the spending, the suit says.

Collected more than $200,000 in improper expense reimbursements over five years, including billing for museum landscaping that was never done."

Amazing, uh? There's a ton more allegations, and apparently the guy worked for the museum for 17 years! Read the whole story here.