Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As I noted before, For PLANNING PROCESS: Drawings and Finished Works, I proposed re-creating the Hotel Art Intervention process itself by recreating an entire hotel room at the Arlington Art Center (or at least a subset of it). There would be a bed and other hotel paraphernalia, including some usual hotel wall d├ęcor hanging on the wall, and one disassembled piece laying on the bed and been “intervened” upon. At various times during the exhibition period, this piece would be worked on and added to (by me), and at the end of the show the “finished artwork” would be hung back on the wall.

If anyone out there works in a hotel or knows someone who works in a hotel/motel, etc. I need some assorted hotel peripherals for this installation and I need them now!

I'm talking stuff like ice cube bucket and tray, some of the advertising stuff hotels put in their rooms, etc. The more the better, but I have the rest sort of lined up. In the best case scenario, a hotel would lend me "everything" to re-create their room at the Arlington Art Center, but I'm happy with just some assorted hotel stuff.

None of this would be at any cost to the loaning hotel, and in return, during the exhibition I would have a visible note at the gallery stating that the hotel artifacts are courtesy of the hotel.

During the exhibition I will be creating a work of art at this re-created hotel room, and at the end of the exhibition I will give the participating hotel this new work of art as a gift and as a thank you for their assistance.

Can anyone out there help? If so, drop me an email to or call me.