Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Making Waves: Paintings by John Aquilino

DMV artist John Aquilino's  seascape paintings will be on exhibit at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center Galleries this fall. This will be his second exhibit at NIH this year.

Low Tide, oil on canvas, 14" x 36"
"Making Waves: Paintings by John Aquilino"
NIH Clinical Center (Building 10), West Gallery
Bethesda, Maryland
September 14 - November 2, 2018
The mission of the Clinical Center's Fine Art Program is to pair art with medicine to promote healing, and benefits patients, caregivers, and employees. For the artwork that is available for sale, 20% of the proceeds will benefit the Patient Emergency Fund. The NIH Clinical Center Galleries are open to the public, but there will be a security check (see NIH map).