Saturday, July 06, 2013

Quammen says...

From David Quammen at MOCA:
A recent article in the Washington Post cites a study by the National Endowment for the Arts' "'National Statistics about Working Artists' taken from US Census Data for 2006 to 2010 show that the District has more working artists per capita than any state in the nation." Of course, it's not a fair comparison to make with our (DC) small population vs. all the 50 states. But comparison of city-by-city the region still ranks among the top 10 among U.S. cities.

So what, you say? D.C. is consistently lambasted as a lousy town for the arts, but here's something not many people know: There are 21 Arts Organizations, including Art League and other community based centers, in the region; 5 community colleges, 2 of which have 3 and 4 separate locations; 2-4 year colleges; 13 universities, several with multiple locations; 3 schools; and about 2 dozen or more groups that meet weekly in the name of art. That doesn't count the number of galleries, many of which host artsy-type events every week.

Speaking of art galleries, P & C Art on M Street is gone - no more art at the Georgetown location but they have another facility nearby. And a sad day for Parish Gallery, who's founder is suffering from cancer - the last exhibit is up now, and a For Lease sign is in the window. But property owner Richard Bernstein has told them they can keep the exhibit up - or put up another one - so long as there is no tenant in the offing. Based on the situation in Georgetown businesses, that may be anywhere from a few weeks to several months. In the meantime, our hearts go out to Norm, his wife, Gwen, and the passing of a legendary gallery he founded and she keeps it going for now. God bless.

Meanwhile, Moca's prognosis is good, other than being persistently late on rent. But that should change soon - we hope. Activities include an Open Drawing Session next Wednesday, July 10 - 7 to 10 pm - model is Ramsey, a new-to-the-scene female who also teaches art for Uncork'd Art, the mainstay for Moca at the moment.

And don't forget our July exhibit, A Celebration of the Figure - now in its 10th or 11th year - I do need to learn how to count. We are still accepting art up to next Thursday, July 11. Then plan to make it for the Opening Reception on Friday, July 12th - complete with some brand new events in the Out.Back section of the gallery. Or to paraphrase an old tune, There'll be a Hot Time in the Out.Back that night!!!

Questions - contact Dave at 202.342.6230