Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Lost" Cezanne Found

Auction house Christie's said today that a "lost" watercolor by French master Paul Cezanne has been found and is expected to fetch between $15 - $20 million Samolians at auction in New York.

The watercolor study for the painting "Joueur des cartes" ("Card Players") was last seen in public in 1953 and was recently "found in a private collection in Texas."

Five gets you ten that someone will pop out from somewhere claiming that this watercolor is theirs.

Brown Bares It

It has been called a microcosm of Brunonian culture, a "Craigslist for Brown" and an inspiration for students and alums to pose nude on the roof of the GeoChem Building, in Faunce House, in Sayles Hall, in Steinert Practice Center and in Salomon Center. While much of the hype of BrownBares.com on campus has died down, the site remains active months after its creation in mid-November.

BrownBares is a "subreddit" of reddit.com, a site that allows users to submit photos and comment on others' submissions under self-created usernames. While certainly not the only site of its kind, BrownBares is one of the only "not suitable for work" subreddits exclusive to a university.

With approximately 1,000 to 2,000 unique hits every day, dozens of users and nearly 300 subscribers, "the place in which Brown bares all" has occupied a unique niche in Brown's culture of sexual positivity.
Read the story in the Brown Daily Herald here.