Thursday, February 16, 2006

Eyelevel on Boozer
Visit Boozer's website here
Eyelevel has an excellent profile on the very talented Margaret Boozer. Read it here.

Read my review of Boozer's last solo show here.

Visit Boozer's website here.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey...

Bailey is on the warpath, or whatever it is that madmen from the South do when something gets under their skin.

In this case it deals with Charlie Finch and Artnet, and with the CSA, and with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and with Freedom of Speech (I think).

Me on Video

The ArtsMedia News TV program has been putting some clips from the TV program on Google Video.

This is a clip of me from a show that we did last summer on outdoor art fairs.

And this is a clip of the Nicholas Nixon show at the NGA.

And this is a clip of the Warhol exhibit at the Corcoran.

If you don't get... you don't get it

The WCP has an excellent article by Mike DeBonis and Jason Cherkis on what happens to freelancers who don't toe the line and follow the rules at the WaPo.

The Rules:

Rule No. 1: Don’t Suggest That Your Beat Is Lame
Rule No. 2: Save Your Opinions for Your Review
Rule No. 3: Don’t Make Mistakes
Rule No. 4: Don’t Place a Post Superstar in a Negative Light
Rule No. 5: Don’t Tell Your Paper to "Eat... a ‘Bag of Cocks’"

Read the article here.


Catriona Fraser has just selected the photographers for the IV Annual Bethesda Photography Competition and they are:

The following photographers has been selected for the exhibition;

David Ashman, Annapolis, MD
Kerry Stuart Coppin, Providence, RI
Sandi Croan, Centreville, VA
Chris Davis, Arnold, MD
Adriana Echevarria, Bethesda, MD
Lee Goodwin, Washington, DC
David Hovgaard, San Jose, CA
Eleanor Owen Kerr, Baton Rouge, LA
Prescott Moore Lassman, Washington, DC
Veronika Lukasova, Washington, DC
Jesse Mechling, Bethesda, MD
Eric Moore, La Plata, MD
David Myers, Kensington, MD
Margaret Paris, Rockville, MD
Aleksei Pechnikov, Gaithersburg, MD
Victoria Restrepo, Potomac, MD
Chris Scroggins, Lutherville, MD
Bert Shankman, Olney, MD
Mary T. Vogel, Bakersville, NC
Cynthia Walker, Black Mountain, NC


The Philadelphia Inquirer has a great story on Zoe Strauss, the talented and exuberant Philly photog who was selected for the next Biennial.

Zoe is terrific.

And it also makes me sigh because I cannot recall the last time (or ever) when one of our local major newspapers ever had a story such as this one for one of our area visual artists (even the ones who have been selected in the past to exhibit at the Whitney).