Saturday, June 10, 2017

Art fairs

As you know, I keep preaching how important it is for art galleries to do art fairs... and how scary it is to pony up the gigantic expenses of doing an art fair... but, in most case (note that the "most it pays off" is versus spending $$$$ over advertising and opening expenses...).

In 2017 we are/did doing:
  1. Affordable Art Fair New York (Spring)
  2. Scope New York
  3. SOFA Chicago
  4. Affordable Art Fair New York (Fall)
  5. Texas Contemporary Art Fair
  6. Context Art Miami
  7. Scope Miami Beach
Why? Because the numbers bear it all out! It has been over a decade of experience and empirical data and if you are a gallery and do not do art fairs --- you are nuts!