Monday, July 30, 2007

Che Che Kole

If you have kids, then you know that "Che Che Kole" is a Ghanian children's chant that's usually taught in the US to kids in pre-school or the early years of school as part of having them learn children music from other nations.

It goes on like this:

Chekere, kalimba

Che che kole, che che kole
Che che kafisa, che che kafisa
Kafisa langa, kafisa langa,
Co co shi langa, co shi langa,
Koom ma dye day, koom ma dye day,
Great artists have the ability to take anything, including a Ghanian children's chant and re-invent it as another song, such as Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe did with Che Che Kole as a 70s super mega dance floor salsa hit. Listen and see them below as they perform the hit and then hear the Ghanian words in the song.

From something with a long history and tradition, something new and exciting, but aligned with the past and with tradition without any issues or baggage.

Introductions3 at Irvine

Irvine Contemporary has Introductions3 coming up next month. This exhibition is a selection of recent graduates from leading national and international art schools.

This third year of Introductions at Irvine Contemporary is the first gallery exhibition of its kind. Over 250 artists from 60 different art colleges were reviewed for Introductions3, and final selections were made with the advice of a panel of art collectors, rather than curators or gallerists. Introductions3 has grown to an inclusive “MFA annual” that brings the best rising artists to Washington, D.C. Participating artists are listed below with their most recent college or institute affiliation. Opening reception with artists, Saturday, August 11, 6-8 PM.

Look for the work of Akemi Maegawa (Cranbrook Institute, Sculptures and Installation) and Sarah Mizer (Virginia Commonwealth University, Sculpture and Installation) to stand out.

Wanna do something this Wednesday in DC?

ALEATORIC is going on this coming Wednesday!

Several local artists fill up two floors with installation art and emerging bands will be performing to keep up a lively atmosphere.

Sponsored by the new Artcade Magazine, and by Civilian Art Projects and by Panache, with Marissa Botelho, Curator, Reuben Breslar, Music Coordinator and work by local arts students, artists, musicians, and creative writers.

Bands involved include "Pontiak," "The Show is the Rainbow," and "Black and Tan Fantasy Band."

This night of Music and Installation Art is Wednesday, August 1, 2007 from 7:45pm – 12am and donations for the bands are encouraged. It takes place at:

Bobby Fisher Memorial Building (aka Borf Building)
1644 North Capitol St, NW,
Washington, D.C., 20002
*3 blocks north west of New York Ave. Metro Station

Another art fair coming to DC

It will be August 10-12, 2007 at the Washington Convention Center.

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