Friday, July 09, 2010

Jessica Picks Adam

Who is this guy who was born Adam Griffiths but goes by Adam Dwight? He doesn't cotton to artistic branding, so his nom d'art isn't much of a concern. He'll likely adopt a new alias soon, so don't get attached to this one.
Jessica Dawson scores another goal in picking Adam Griffiths for the Real Art D.C. series she's doing for the WaPo and it's a brilliant pick. Check out the article here.

100 Washington Artists or DC artists?

Tomorrow I will release the list of the 100 DMV artists whom I have selected and handpicked for the art book "100 Washington Artists" that I am about to finish in a day or two. It will be released next Spring by Schiffer Books.

Question for the masses: Should the title be "100 Washington Artists" or "100 Washington, DC Artists" or "100 Washington, DC Area Artists"?

I vote for "100 Washington Artists." Screw the "other" Washington [state].


Tau Delta Phi-Delta Gamma Theta Nix Flag

An artwork involving an American flag was abruptly rejected this week from a benefit show at Gallery House, a collective exhibition space in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The work, by the artist known as Clark Clark, was a flag printed with the word "Evolve" in large block letters. Titled "Evolve America," it was intended for the gallery's forthcoming show, "Reclaiming Space," in which pieces will be raffled off to benefit the environmental volunteer organization Green Edge Collaborative.

On July 2, Mr. Clark said, he installed the piece with the help of fellow artist Jonathan Levy, who serves as the director of Gallery House. Said Mr. Clark: "He saw it when I brought it. He complimented it."

But on July 4, Mr. Levy called Mr. Clark to inform him that "Evolve America" had to be removed and replaced. Mr. Clark says Mr. Levy bowed to legal pressure from the owner of the building, but Mr. Levy says the decision was his—though it was informed by a collaborative discussion. According to property records, the building owner is the Tau Delta Phi-Delta Gamma Theta Alumni Association, an organization for alumni of a Pratt Institute fraternity. Neither the national chapter of Tau Delta Phi nor the Pratt Alumni office could be reached for comment.
Read the WSJ story by Pia Catton here.