Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Frames by Rebecca

I usually go through 40-50 frames a year, and while I try as much as possible to use my own guerrilla tactics to minimize framing costs, which as visual artists know can be pretty expensive, every once in a while we all need a custom frame made.

For nearly four decades I've been using and have provided previous endorsements for  the former Apex Moulding -- now called Apex Art & Framing Expo and re-located to 3620 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302 and Tel: (571) 982-4135.

And now I have discovered another great, professional, efficient and friendly framer, a bit closer to me geographically-speaking: Frames by Rebecca (8923 Brookville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910, (301) 588-8588, and email them  at

I have been immensely impressed not only by the high quality of their work, but also by how they respond quickly and efficiently - recently a 1980 work of mine from the Cuba Series entered the process of being donated to a museum, and the donor (a) wanted it professionally cleaned and (b) reframed, as the original 1980 frame had received multiple injuries during the last 40 plus years.

Time was an issue, but I emailed Frames by Rebecca, gave them a description of what kind of moulding I wanted, and the size, and the fact that there was an urgent need to have the frame done in a couple of days.

As we say in the Navy, they "turned and burned", created the frame, and now the painting will be on its way to Miami on Friday.

Please support your local framer and go see them - I give them my highest possible endorsement!