Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Since tonight is Nochebuena, I usually prepare the classic Nochebuena Cuban feast for the night.

Cuban Roasted Pork
Mariquitas with Mojo Sauce for Dipping
Sweet Corn Tamales
Broiled Yucca with Garlic Mojo
Broiled Ňame with Olive Oil
Moros y Cristianos (White Rice and Black Bean Soup)
Cuban Nochebuena Salad

For 2013 I will substitute Ropa Vieja instead of pork... and yeah, I will use a lot of ajo (garlic)...

Ajo (Garlic)
There is a long cultural tradition assigned to the Moros y Cristianos side dish, and even its Cuban Spanish name (Moros y Cristianos or "moors and Christians") tell you something about the dish (rumored to honor the 100th anniversary in 1592 of Queen Isabella's final victory over the Moors in 1492). 

And (at least in Oriente province) Ropa Vieja is a dish attributed to Cuban Jews, so we'll have a cool culinary diversity night encompassing all three major world religions on Nochebuena!

For once, Christians, Jews and Moslems will work together, in this case in my belly... cough, cough...

And from our family to all: a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Terrific 2014 to all!