Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(e)merge announces its exhibitors

The (e)merge art fair has announced its exhibiting galleries and invited unrepresented artists. Check them out here.

Also check out Maura Judkis' take on the issue in the WaPo here and GOG's Lavanya Ramanathan, also in the WaPo, here and Benjamin Freed in the WCP here.

The participants are:
GALLERY PLATFORM > galleries and non-profit art spaces
AUSTRIA: Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna. | BELGIUM: Nomad Gallery, Brussels. | CANADA: Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montréal. | FRANCE: Galerie E.G.P., Paris. | GERMANY: Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt. | ITALY: Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan. / Teverina Fine Art, Cortona. | THE NETHERLANDS: Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam. | U.K.: Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne. | U.S.A: ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA. / Art Whino Gallery, National Harbor, MD. / Aureus Contemporary, Providence, RI. / Conner Contemporary Art, Washington, DC. / Corcoran College of Art + Design, Washington, DC. / Curator’s Office, Washington, DC. / Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC. / G Fine Art, Washington, DC. / Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, VA. / Goya Contemporary, Baltimore. MD / Hamiltonian Artists, Washington, DC. / Heiner Contemporary, Washington, DC. / Hemphill Fine Arts, Washington, DC. / Honfleur Gallery, Washington, DC. / Irvine Contemporary, Washington, DC. / Jordan Faye Contemporary, Baltimore, MD. / Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York, NY. / Lu Magnus Gallery, New York, NY. / Mayer Fine Art, Norfolk, VA. / McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA. / Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. / Mindy Solomon Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL. / monique meloche, Chicgo, IL / Solas Nua, Washington, DC. / The Studio Visit, Washington, DC. / Transformer, Washington, DC. / Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC. / White Columns, New York, NY.

ARTIST PLATFORM > unrepresented artists
CANADA: Tammi Campbell, Saskatoon / Jennifer Mawby, Vancouver. | GERMANY: Christina Kruse, Berlin (+ New York). U.S.A: Chukwuma Agubokwu, Upper Marlboro, MD. / Becky Alprin, Chicago, IL. / Nico Antoniadis + Alexi Stone, Boston, MA. / Holly Bass, Washington, DC. / Kristina Bilonick, Washington, DC. / Calder Brannock, College Park, MD. / Bradley Chriss, Bethesda, MD / Matias Cuevas, Washington, DC. / Double A Projects, Brooklyn, NY. / Jeremy Flick, Tacoma Park, MD. / Free Space Collective, Washington, DC. / Jeremy Haik, Brooklyn, NY. / Terence Hannum, Chicago, IL. / Syed Sibtul Hasnain, Leesburg, VA. / Evan Hume, Washington, DC. / Steven Jones, Baltimore, MD. / Craig Kraft, Washington, DC. / Jacqueline Levine, Washington, DC. / Adam Lister, Arlington, VA. / Katherine Mann, Alexandria, VA. / Nathan Manuel + D. Billy, Brooklyn, NY. / J.J. McCracken, Mt. Ranier, MD, / Patrick McDonough, Washington, DC. / Jonathan, Monaghan, Oceanside, NY. / Kendall Nordin, Washington, DC. / Sean Noyce, Brooklyn, NY. / Peacock, Queens, NY. / Beverly Ress, Washington, DC. / Siobhan Rigg, Washington, DC. / Zach Rockhill, Brooklyn. / Sam Scharf, Washington, DC. / David B. Smith, New York,NY. / Dan Solberg, Washington, DC. / Emma Spertus, Oakland, CA. / James J. Williams III, Brooklyn, NY. / Wilmer Wilson IV, Richmond, VA.

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