Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Judge sides with Maine governor on removing mural

Maine Gov. Paul LePage was within his rights when he ordered the removal of a mural depicting the history of the labor movement from a state office building, a federal judge ruled Friday, a year after the mural was put into storage at an undisclosed location.

Judge John Woodcock dismissed a lawsuit aimed at restoring the labor mural to its original location in on the ground floor of the Department of Labor building.

The governor's decision created a national uproar that proved to be a major distraction, but LePage felt vindicated by the judge's ruling.

“We've always believed this was a frivolous, politically motivated lawsuit,” said Adrienne Bennett, the governor's spokeswoman. “It would be stunning if government officials were to be barred from making different artistic choices than their predecessors.”
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Anonymous said...

This has been going on for centuries and now we hear a cry of censorship? Really. The ruling party or ruler has always decided what stays and what will go. Think of all of the lost statuary from antiquity that we have never seen because the Emperor or King ordered it destroyed.

This is much to do about nothing.