Monday, April 02, 2012

Art Scam Alert

Here's the text and email address of the would be scammer:

Morning,I am interested in buying your True Believer 2009 Charcoal and Colored Pencils on Paper 24 x 14 inches ,i would like to know how payment would be made,and the price you listed for it.have a nice day..I appreciate your prompt response


Angela Kleis said...

I just received the very same email and responded, and then I saw your post. :(

Claude said...

Thank you! I received this scam too. Totally uncool. Plus this dude's from the UK yet going across the pond for scams? What an idiot! I responded with: "Show me the money, fool!"

Anonymous said...

I also just received an email from "Scott" for a purchase off of the WPA website. I decided to run his email through google search and your blog popped up about the scam. Thanks Lenny -- I immediately sent an email letting know that I couldn't do business with him.

- Elizabeth