Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Amazing Spidergirl

I am almost finished with this piece from the new trompe l'oeil comic book superheroes series; to review:
  1. Phase One: A series of duplicate watercolor panels from the comic books
  2. Phse Two: Change the dialogue text in the text balloons to reflect something more interesting appropriate to the scene.
  3. Phase Three: Insert an electronic component into the dialogue balloons, with a Powerpoint based "back and forth" dialogue between the characters.
Fallout: Leaving Roy Lichtenstein's formulaic and gorgeous 1960s pop art of the same genre in the dust-bin of art history. These, along with other artists working the Superhero theme, will be at a special curated exhibition (curated by me) at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami Beach in December.

Update: Here's the finished piece
The Amazing Spidergirl. Trompe l'oeil watercolors and charcoal on paper. Circa 2012.
"The Amazing Spidergirl." Trompe l'oeil watercolors and charcoal on paper. 4x6 inches. Circa 2012.

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