Thursday, September 06, 2012

Seen on Univision...

I was commenting to a friend that it is clear to the most casual observer that Spanish language TV stations, and more specifically (here in the US) Univision, have a very clear and machista attitude on how they cast and present their weather forecasters (most of which are young women), such as Univision's muy bonita Jackie Guerrido, as this image search of Univision's famous weather lady yields.

Then out of the blue I received a mass email which was titled "Why God Sends Rain to Latin America and not to the Middle East‏" - The email consists of a collage of images of female weather presenters from various TV stations across Latin America and closes with three images of weather newscasters in Middle Eastern countries.

I'll let you be the judge, but this re-affirms what I have been droning about for quite a while here, and that is how I've noticed how Spanish language media in the US (and I guess Latin America) gets away with stuff like this obvious objectification of female news staff that would get your local TV station picketed left and right.

And, ahem... the mass email ends with "Any Questions?"

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