Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What's Up: New Technologies in Art

Eight artists and abstract thinkers use technology to create evolving and interactive artworks, and adapt industrial processes in interesting ways, in the new exhibition What's Up: New Technologies in Art opening this Saturday at Strathmore. 

I plan to go see this show to find some new artists for us.

Featured are Scott Draves' "Electric Sheep" which combines evolutionary biology, mathematics and genetic algorithms; Floating Point collaborative's "LanScapes" interactive virtual installation; Chris Bathgate's machinist sculptures; and George Terry's site specific laser/video installation honoring his mentor, the late Rockne Krebs.

DMV artists participating in this exhibition are Chris Bathgate (Baltimore), Joseph Corcoran (Washington, D.C.) and Gretchen Schermerhorn (Silver Spring). Bryan Sullivan and George Terry both live in New York, but were previously based in the DMV. 

This show is paired with a concurrent artist showcase in the Invitational Gallery called Art-Craft-Art.

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