Friday, December 04, 2015

ABMB Week: Thursday Report

There was definitely a different "vibe" today with the crowds at Context. For starts, there were a lot of art students floating around, plus several major collectors finally made their way over from Art Miami and from ABMB itself.

I dropped Audrey Wilson at the fair around 11AM and had her switch a couple of Elissa Farrow-Savos' sculptures. I then headed to Hialeah to visit my mother.

On the way back I stopped at Casablanca Bakery and stocked up on Cuban pastries, yuca rellena, croquetas (ham, cheese and chicken), papa rellena and pasteles de guayaba con queso for the crew back at Wynwood.

Brutal traffic back to the fair, but got there in time to avoid the monster Florida showers which fell all day.

Over the last couple of days we had sold two works by DMV painter Tim Vermeulen, and today he scored not one but four commissions (all from the same DC expat, now Florida-based collector).

I took a little walk to capture a good shot of a terrific piece by the DMV's Mark Jenkins (with Fabien Castanier Gallery).

Mark Jenkins

Back in our booth... hosted a Facetime call from Anderson, and the little dude always brings me good luck... then a visit by the DMV's super artist Akemi Maegawa, and she also always brings good luck.... and I finally broke my personal ice with a major double sale of my largest drawing in the booth and a second smaller drawing to a very beautiful and talented Miami Beach personal consultant.

Soon afterwards, the very talented Audrey Wilson breaks her personal ice with a sale of her electric glass work from her Collection of Abstuseness series to a DC collector!

Collection of Abstuseness: Operation Big Bugs by Audrey Wilson
Pate de verre, kiln formed tempered glass, refractory glass, found objects
Soon afterwards I get a commission from one of the board members of Site Santa Fe based on my works that embed digital components... Five commissions on one day must be a Context Art Fair record!

As the skies continue to fall with thunderous rain (which in these giant tents sound like monstrous WWI trench gunfire), we begin to pack to head off as the fair closes, when one of those magical moments happens when a collector approaches a piece, looks at it and says: "I'd like to buy that."

The "that" is my largest work in the fair.

Nice way to close the day.

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