Monday, July 11, 2011

Artomatic @ Frederick Announces Dates!

Artomatic @ Frederick will take place this fall from September 28 - November 6, 2011.

Tours of the space at 115 East Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701 will take place on the following days in July:

July 16 at 9,10 and 11 AM
July 23 at 9,10 and 11 AM
July 24 at 10 and 11 AM
July 30 at 9,10 and 11 AM
July 31 at 10 and 11 AM

Artist Registration begins August 1st.

Phone: 240-285-3758


Rogerrr said...

I visited the space and I think this is going to be an excellent show...the building is very interesting & funky. Instead of the uniform spaces of the last 2 Artomatics in DC...we're back to something more like the 2004 show where there are many different types of spaces for art in a building with a lot of character.

The site is an excellent part of Frederick...near the restaurants & other cool spots on market Street

Since Frederick is a lot smaller than DC but the show will be almost as big as a DC Artomatic...I think it will have a big impact on the town that could have a lot of interesting results

Hopefully it'll also lure a lot of people up from DC & bring some attention to other art venues in Frederick...the Delaplaine..The Blue Elephant...Dragonfly Art Co-op...Gallery 322...etc

Beth said...

I will definitely check out the space soon! Work is really getting in the way of participating in this show :(