Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hispanic or Latino? Neither!

Nearly four decades after the United States government mandated the use of the terms “Hispanic” or “Latino” to categorize Americans who trace their roots to Spanish-speaking countries, a new nationwide survey of Hispanic adults finds that these terms still haven’t been fully embraced by Hispanics themselves.
Very interesting new report on one of my pet peeves from The Pew Research Center... read it here.


Matthew Harwood said...

Thanks for sharing Lenny,
I'm half Spanish on my mother's side. My grandfather came from Valencia, Spain and most of my grandmother's family came with the territories of Arizona and New Mexico in 1849. Culture is fluid and personal. I don’t believe these segregating government categories are fair or healthy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lenny,
I remember sometime ago you were talking about this topic and I think you were the one mentioning a Cuban born writer (?) who has written extensively about this, do you remember who he is? He was featured on NPR once. I thought I had one of his papers downloaded but I can't find it.