Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mark Jenkins times two

The WaPo's Mark Jenkins (not the Mark Jenkins who is the world-famous Washington-based street artist) has been (in my opinion) the person most responsible for slowly, but surely restoring the WaPo's Style section's coverage of the visual arts to just that: coverage of the visual arts in an area-wide sense, rather than the "focus on a handful of galleries" approach of his predecessor.

His latest set of mini reviews is a perfect example of that; read that one here and another great example is this one.

And talking about the "other" Mark Jenkins (the world-trotting street artist), after all these years I remain puzzled why no gutsy DC area museum curator takes the initiative to give this stellar artist a museum show in his own hometown.

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tim tate said...

I love this guys reviews. He understands and explores much of the Washington art scene, and offers a great perspective. So glad you gave him a shout out! :)