Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Landlord orders gallery to partially cover nude photo

"A nude model who used a topless tour to convince cops not to shut down a racy photo exhibit at a Lower East Side gallery has been forced to cover up after the landlord threatened to terminate the gallery’s lease.

On the owner’s orders, the operators of the ROX Gallery have put a caution sign over a lurid picture hanging in their Delancey Street window that shows model Natalie White masturbating...
... None of the other two dozen works inside the gallery has been censored, and White has not been banned from performing the live masturbation shows that are an occasional part of her act."
Initial details here and a really good report by the HuffPost's very fair Priscilla Frank (who studied Rhetoric of Narrative and Image at UC Berkeley and has written for art galleries in California and New York, as well as being the editor of the Berkeley Poetry Review and a sex columnist for the Daily Californian) is here... (Prissie call me!).

Brilliant publicity stunt on the part of the gallery or by the even more publicity-brilliant Natalie White (channeling Vito Acconci or maybe Andrea Fraser)... whatever works!

I'd like to see her invited to perform at (e)merge and see how the DMV reacts to it! They might shut down the whole fair!

Natalie!!! You're performing in the wrong place! If you want to really get arrested for simply showing your body... DO (e)merge!!!!  ......  (and the pun is sooooooo intended!).

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Anonymous said...

How is live masturbation considered art?