Monday, June 02, 2008

Jack Tom - Art Scammer

Remember this art scam email? Read it first...

And so he answered: This is his answer:

From: jack tom (
Sent: Tue 5/27/08 5:59 PM
To: F. Lennox Campello (


Thank for your fast response and i want you to know that i came across your store information via Google and here is what i will like to order for,

Lilith Birthing Demons

"Expeditionary Service Test"
Acrylics on Paper, c. 1999
3 x .825 inches

I will like you to get back to me with the total cost and the shipping cost.and here is address for you to the shipping cost via ups or fed ex.and please kindly get back to me if this items is in stock because i do not want any delay on this.

9 Marian Street
Killaria 2071
Phone: 61 2 9498 6830

Do this on time so that i can be able to give you my credit card information and complete my order for me
Best Regards
jack tom.
By the way... this is what's really at that address... and note that the phone number is a digit off... anyway, this is what I sent him back:
From: F. Lennox Campello (
Sent: Mon 6/02/08 9:52 PM
To: jack tom (

G'day mate!

Jackie boy! Jackierooonie! The Jackie Tommeister!

Thanks for your order!

But before I ship it to you... I am very particular as to who owns my work. Can you please tell me if you have a family, as I do not like selling my work to single men, unless they are older or divorced?

So are you married? How old are you?

Also, did you attend school? Where? I'm very fussy about my work only hanging in educated homes.

I will have my studio assistant pack it for shipping to Australia as soon as you respond and send me payment details. A credit card or an international check is OK.

The Lenster...

PS - Also, is it true that toilets swirl backwards in Australia?


Joel Traylor said...

Brilliant! Way to go, Lenster!

Anonymous said...

Hello mr Lenster my name is Guy Mondo and i wouldl ike to comission a painting from you. I like Landscapeing much and also Thomas Kincaide and bev Doolittle. Please to send price list. money is no problem and all will be aid through wire service here in Nigeria. I will need your bank routing number to facilitate payment to your account.

Lenny said...

Yeah.. you funny Guy... don't make me tell people about you and the Funkadelics....

John said...

I had someone use this same address and used the name "Luxita Linda". Somebody wanted to purchase a guitar from me and I could smell something fishy right away. They were not really concerned about the price and didn't give any details about what kind of guitar they wanted. This was the contact information that I was given:

Luxita Linda
9 Marian Street
Killaria 2071

Again, they misspelled "Killara" and the phone number was incorrect. I found the website for "The Crewel Gobelin" when I looked for the address. They wanted to send me a counterfeit check for more than the asking price and wanted a refund for the difference via Western Union.