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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don't miss this!


Curated by Laura Roulet
Opening Reception: Thu April 18 / Free / 5-7pm
Curated by Laura Roulet

Seizing on a dynamic moment in D.C. performance art, the exhibition titled Wilmer Wilson IV: the FOREVER Aftermath culminates Wilmer Wilson IV’s performance art series Henry “Box” Brown: FOREVER, and provides through innovative programming a forum for other DC-area artists to explore the evolution of performance as an art form. The exhibit and forums focus on the aftermath of performance art. On display is a rotating selection of documentation and detritus from the Henry “Box” Brown: FOREVER performances, which were commissioned by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities as part of the spring 2012 5x5 temporary public art project.

Inspired by the historic figure Henry “Box” Brown, a 19th century slave from Richmond, Virginia, who mailed himself to freedom, Wilmer Wilson IV used his own body to examine what freedom means. Artisphere’s Artist in Residence Studio becomes a platform for a discursive, flexible exhibition, collapsing the working space of an artist’s studio and an exhibition gallery, and rethinking spectatorship.

Wilmer Wilson IV: the FOREVER Aftermath helps kick-off of the Rosslyn-wide SUPERNOVA, a performance art festival, June 6-9, curated by the Pink Line Project and commissioned by the Rosslyn Business Improvement District. Wilmer Wilson IV: the FOREVER Aftermath is made possible by the Rosslyn BID and supported in part by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities' DC Creates! Public Art program.

Thu April 18, Thu May 16 and Sat June 8 / Free / Dome Theatre
Performance: Aftermath coincides with Wilson's residency and addresses the ongoing life of performance art. Local performance artists are invited to collaborate and present their practices in whatever inventive format they choose. During the weeks leading up to each forum, videos of the presenting artists’ work will be rotated on Artisphere’s Video Wall.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wilmer Wilson IV: The FOREVER Aftermath Opens Tonight

Wilmer Wilson IVWilmer Wilson IV: The FOREVER Aftermath (Wilmer's first solo show) is open now at Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA. 

The exhibition features photographs, sculpture, and video from the DCCAH/5x5-commissioned performance Henry "Box" Brown: FOREVER.  

Works from each part of the three part performances are rotating in the gallery on a monthly basis until June 30th. 

There will be an opening this evening, April 18th, from 5-7p. Coinciding with the exhibition is be a series of programming entitled PERFORMANCE: AFTERMATH, featuring local performance artists in dialogue. 

These programs will be taking place on April 18 from 7-9p, May 16 from 7-9p, and June 8 from 7-9p. A full schedule of programming can be found here.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Wilmer WIlson IV
CONNERSMITH is pleased to announce Wilmer Wilson IV's upcoming performance at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Wilson's "Portrait with Hydrogen Peroxide Strips" will engage the artist's skin, the textured clearness of the strips, and the biochemical absorption of the hydrogen peroxide.

A photographic strobe light environment will further plasticize the temporal moment of portraiture.

It is the inaugural work for the National Portrait Gallery's new series Identify: Performance Art as Portraiture.
Details here. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wilmer Wilson IV at Conner

One of the young artists whom I've been advising all of you to keep an eye on, Wilmer Wilson IV will be making his debut at Conner/*gogo art projects this coming May (I know that this is a long way away, but I want to make sure that you all start planning it now); the show is titled “Domestic Exchange:”

In this new work, the artist engages issues of identity and race by appropriating the brown paper bag as a cultural symbol identified with bag lunches, alcohol and skin color. Wilson amassed dozens of inflated bags to construct a monumental sculpture with undulating, fleshy forms. On the opening day of the exhibition, from 5 to 8pm, Wilson will present a durational performance: “From My Paper Bag Colored Heart.” Exploring the history of the paper bag as an indicator of racial color, Wilson enacts a liminal struggle between freedom and self-destruction.
There will be an opening night reception, Saturday, May 17h from 6 to 8pm. Artists in attendance.

Wilmer Wilson’s performance will begin at 5pm on Saturday, March 17th and culminate during the opening reception (6-8pm).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tomorrow at Strathmore

For the last few months, together with DC area art uberstars Susana Raab and Tim Tate, I have been mentoring emerging Washington, DC area artists Minna Philips, Solomon Slyce, Wilmer Wilson IV and Brittany Sims, as part of the Strathmore Fine AIR program - a very cool program which offers local visual arts talent in the DC area a mentoring hand by pairing emerging artists with established professionals in the community.

I was absolutely blown away by the talent of these four young artists, and after all the meetings, discussions, reviews and talks, they conclude their residency experience by unveiling new works in the Strathmore Fine Artists in Residence Exhibition, which opens tomorrow and runs through August 20 at the gorgeous Strathmore Mansion on Rockville Pike.

According to the Strathmore release, in describing the four artists, we learn that Minna Philips “plays with perception by recontextualizing paradoxical objects, challenging the viewer to create original and unfettered interpretations of her work. She furthers this exploration by presenting an obscure and little-known Strathmore artifact, the grotto, in an equally obscure way. Minna distances the grotto from being identifiable by photographing it from a variety of angles and perspectives, scanning the images and, finally, meticulously sketching them on velum using pencil to recreate the look of black and white photography. The images are randomly mounted in a giant, gridded window in the Mansion, alluding to the exterior campus which inspired for the work. The final assemblage appears fragmented and abstract, further veiling the identity of a structure which is already out of context with the current use of the Mansion. Strathmore’s grotto was formerly a place of worship for the nuns of St. Mary’s Academy, who used the Mansion as a convent and school under the name St. Angela Hall. Minna will also present mixed media pieces that include glass prisms installed in shadow boxes. Using special lighting and mirrors, the glass prisms will reflect and distort drawn images.

Solomon SlyceSolomon Slyce creates a dialogue about sensitive and emotionally-charged social issues through satirical photography. Seemingly benign and disarming, even comical, upon further inspection Solomon’s work incorporates nuanced themes such as interracial marriage, immigration, financial corruption in religious institutions and other themes germane to his identity as an African American male, city dweller and urban schoolteacher. He exercises supreme artistic control over his photographs to create carefully-staged environments, overseeing every detail, from costume, props and actor selection to set design. The Fine Artists in Residence Exhibition will feature existing work from his portfolio, as well as new pieces in which he addresses social issues and stereotypes by creating digital photographs in the likeness of distinctive techniques by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Irving Sinclair and Grant Wood.

Installation artist Wilmer Wilson IV creates site-specific sculptural works using accessible consumer goods. By making use of everyday materials in his work, he transforms everyday experiences into aesthetic ones. In the Mansion he will use more than 1,000 inflated paper bags to create a room-filling organic form. The installation will explore the implications that one oft-overlooked and mundane object can have when amassed in one place. Also included in the exhibition are photographs of his previous works, depicting paper bags pervading all aspects of his life. The images serve as documents of his non-permanent installations and also as contemplative compositions in themselves.

Environmental catastrophes inform Brittany Sims’ ominous paintings. A student at Tulane University in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina decimated the city, Brittany felt a connectedness to the devastating tornado that ravaged Joplin, Missouri in May. She appropriates photographs from newspapers and from personal Flickr pages, recreating them with acrylic paint on shower curtains, an extension of her experimental painting on different canvas materials and shapes.”

Since I had been deeply involved with these artists for a few months, I thought that I knew what was coming to the exhibition, and yet I was completely blown away when I actually got a peek sneak at the show – while delivering my own work – did I mention that the show also features work by the three mentors?

Wilmer Wilson IVWhat Wilson delivered by the intelligent use of the air from his lungs is beyond visual belief – this young man is a genius and you should all start following his work now. His marriage of the always slippery world of the great conceptual idea and the actual delivery of that idea is as close to perfection as I have ever seen in these minimalist artists who find their materials where the rest of us fail to see art – remember this name.

Slyce is a modern version of the photographer who sets up his scenes; he’s a marriage of the genius of Hollywood with the genius of such photog-stars as Cindy Sherman, etc. His images come in sets of two – his look at gambling looks at cool cheaters paired with symbols of gambling – humor, a sorely missing part of contemporary art, is part of his work, and it is Slyce’s brilliance which comes through in this difficult handshake.

Both Phillips and Sims surprise the viewer by taking the art out of the expected context – Phillips does it by her dexterous handling of vellum to almost make it seem like a photographic installation. Sims does it with an understated elegance that push what Sam Gilliam did decades ago to a new contemporary dialogue.

My kudos to both this great new program and to these four rising new stars. The opening is tomorrow from 7-9 PM.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wilmer Wilson IV

Last Friday, along with artists Tim Tate ( whose work just opened in the Milwaukee Art Museum's The New Materiality: Digital Dialogues at the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft two days go) and Susana Raab (whose work from her "Cholita" series will be in the Corridor exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas opening March 24), we got together with four young artists whom we're mentoring as part of Strathmore's new visual arts mentorship program.

I'll be discussing all four throughout the next few months, but let me start with the work of the very young Wilmer Wilson IV, from Chesterfield, Virginia, and currently a student at Howard University in Washington, DC. Before I start discussing his work, you start by viewing the below video of his installation titled Machine: Bad End.

Wilson is very young, but already appears to possess an artistic vision well beyond his years, and at the present his work seems to fit into that genre of contemporary art which would label him as a WalMartist; that is, artists which use common, everyday materials (such as one would find in WalMart) to create elegant and intelligent artwork.

Wilmer Wilson IVIn his installation titled "Bundles" (detail to the left, see the whole installation here), WIlson uses plastic forks and spoons to create an elegant and minimalist installation which uses the repetitive power of these two objects, together with black tape, which when attached to the wall transforms the objects into a energetic and planned modern bas relief of disposable design.

See more of these utensil installations here and check out his website here.

Keep your eye on this artist.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

(e)merge day three

Lenny Campello by Tim Tate
That somewhat odd pic of me was taken at (e)merge by Tim Tate.

Today was the last day, and even though people traffic was a little slower, towards the 4PM hour, it increased and then suddenly there were five good sales at once: one of the very cool self contained video installations by the very young John Miles Runner (who I think was the hit of the MFA room), two paintings by Sheila Giolitti and three more drawings by yours truly.... yeah buddy!

The hot wire known as Mera Rubell dropped by the space during the day (she'd also come by the day before to chat), bringing in some of her friends and colleagues, and said some very nice things about both my work and Giolitti's paintings. Several of them stayed behind after she left, chatting and asking for business cards. That dynamo of a woman is something else, and her presence in the DC art scene is electric; I also met her gigantic husband, who is also a very nice guy.

Who was the (e)merging star from (e)merge? I predict that it will be Wilmer Wilson IV. The kid was on fire and I am told that some key collectors were picking up the photographs of his performances. Get him now (I've already have and plan to get some more).

Was (e)merge a success? Only time and 2012 will tell, but as an experienced art gallery participant (as critic, artist and dealer), I can tell you that (e)merge's success can be best measured by the fact that in its first year, it felt like an established art fair. I know, I know... were people buying art? That's the key question and the main one that gallerists use to measure a fair's success, especially in these times of financial austerity.

However, and lacking any empirical financial/sales data, it certainly "felt" like most other successful art fairs: some galleries appeared to do well, some appeared to have broken even (always a "success") and some appeared to have sold nothing. That's what happens at every art fair on the planet.

However Number Two: (e)merge is more (at least for the DMV) that just a fair:

(a) It sparked a satellite fair which in turn gestated a couple more satellites of its own; this is good for our art scene.

(b) It brought a small number of art collectors from New York and other places to DC instead of the other way around and I think they were pleased.

(c) It broke through the art apathy of the Washington Post, even if it was the typical snarkellitist diatribe of Philip Kennicott (did you notice that I've just invented a new word?) Note to the WaPo: Next time send Michael O'Sullivan please.

(d) It brought cool, new (and even snarkier) art bloggers to DC.

(e) It was a key element in getting the immensely talented Victoria F. Gaitán hooked up with Conner Contemporary.

(f) It will prove to be the launching pad for Wilmer Wilson IV's art career and I'm betting that several other unrepresented artists will be picked up by galleries.

(g) It got semi-naked people into the Skyline Hotel's pool - that's tame by Miami standards, but a first for a Washington art event.

(e)merge 2012 coming up...

Monday, November 07, 2016

Vote tomorrow!

Model Citizen (Head)
2012, archival pigment print
15 x 15 inches, ed: 5.
Courtesy of Connersmith

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Major moves

There seem to be all kinds of moves going on around the DMV these days; The Washington Project for the Arts, one of the DMV's leading artist service organizations and contemporary art presenter has announced that the “organization will move to street-level office and gallery space in The JBG Companies' Atlantic Plumbing mixed-use residential and retail development in the U Street Corridor cultural district. As WPA marks its 40-year anniversary milestone in 2015, the new space matches the forward-looking vision for the future of the organization with unprecedented opportunities to expand programming and increase impact within the Greater Washington area.”

WPA will move into 1,500 square feet in the main Atlantic Plumbing building at 8th and V Streets NW - adjacent to the 9:30 Club, DC's renowned music venue - by early fall of 2015, which coincides with the launch of the organization's 40th anniversary celebration.

"We are thrilled to offer our artists and the community a dedicated exhibition space. Combining WPA's administrative offices with new galleries in such a visible, flexible, contemporary space will greatly enhance our programming capabilities," said WPA Executive Director Lisa Gold. "We are imagining exciting new possibilities for our artists, partners, and supporters to experience art and engage in dialogue. And, as we approach this important anniversary milestone, this new space is a transformative step towards an illustrious future for WPA." 

 "WPA is a perfect fit with our vision for Atlantic Plumbing," said Robin Mosle, a JBG Executive Vice President. "We are pleased to partner with this inspiring and longstanding arts organization to bring new access to a wide range of art - not  only to Atlantic Plumbing, but to the immediate community recognized for its rich arts heritage."

The WPA space fronts 8th Street NW and will include a gallery to house exhibitions and events, staff offices, and retail space for original artists' works. The space will operate Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. with occasional evening events.  

 "The U Street corridor is an ideal home for WPA, given its artistic spirit, history, and diversity," said Kim Ward, chair of the WPA Board of Directors. "Since its founding, WPA has programmed and presented exhibitions in a variety of spaces - remaining versatile and responsive to the art of the times, while acting as a leader in creating partnerships with other arts organizations and institutions. We will continue to do that from a location that will provide a strong community hub for the arts with expanded room for programming and exhibitions."

Also moving are art entrepreneurs Leigh Conner and Jamie Smith, who have  announced they are seeking the next DC home for their powerhouse CONNERSMITH gallery and the (e)merge art fair office. Recently, Smith and Conner accepted an offer from the Capital Fringe Festival to purchase their art space in NE Washington, DC.

Smith and Conner moved their business from Dupont Circle NW to the Trinidad neighborhood in NE DC in 2007 when they purchased an auto body shop at 1358 and 1360 Florida Avenue, NE. The art entrepreneurs converted the two-story building and courtyard into an arts space at a time when the area was known for multiple homicides and police checkpoints.

In the renovated space, CONNERSMITH presented, free to the public, 56 solo exhibitions and 10 group shows of art by established, mid-career, and emerging artists, including Leo Villareal, Zoë Charlton, and my former mentoree, the immensely talented Wilmer Wilson IV. A gallery hub formed with the arrival of neighboring galleries, demonstrating the transformative power of art within a resilient community. While based in Trinidad, CONNERSMITH supported its artists’ exhibitions in museums and biennials nationally and abroad and made over 32 presentations at international art fairs. In 2011, Smith and Conner launched (e)merge, DC’s own international contemporary art fair.

“This transition is a natural evolution for us,” said Conner, “We programmed the Dupont Circle space for eight years and our Northeast space for seven years. Now, we are excited to expand our international presence and digital reach while establishing a new exhibition base in DC.”

“Strengthening our international relationships will advance the missions of CONNERSMITH and (e)merge,” explained Smith. “The gallery and the fair are competitive in the global art market and both strive steadily to contribute to DC’s growth into a world destination for contemporary art.”

Smith and Conner are very enthusiastic about Capital Fringe’s acquisition of the property and look forward to the space’s continued arts usage with the realization of Fringe’s vision for their festival’s new permanent home.

CONNERSMITH will celebrate its last exhibition in the Florida Avenue, NE space with the opening of the annual student show, Academy 2014, and pre-fair party for (e)merge, on July 12, 6-9 pm. WaPo story with some misquotes inaccuracies here.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Congrats to DCCAH!

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) is pleased to announce three DCCAH commissioned public art projects from the inaugural 5x5 public art biennale have been selected by the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) Public Art Network's Year in Review Top 50 Projects of 2013. The AFTA Year in Review is the only national program that specifically recognizes public art projects. The honor couldn't have come at a better time as DCCAH is simultaneously promoting the 2014 Call to Curators for 5x5.

The award-winning projects: Home Mender by Monica Canilao (curated by Justine Topher), Henry "Box" Brown: FOREVER by Wilmer Wilson (curated by Laura Roulet), and The Polygonal Address System by Steve Badgett and Deborah Stratman (curated by Steve Rowell), were presented by the Year in Review jurors at the June 2013 AFTA - Public Art Preconference.  

"We are very excited to be recognized for public art," said Judith Terra, Chair of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. "This honor represents a growing arts scene in Washington, DC."

"We expect that the 5x5 project in 2014 will be as exciting as the previous one," said Lionell Thomas, Executive Director of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. "Plans are already underway to build on the previous success with new and dynamic offerings."
My congrats to all!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

(e)merge visiting

Dr. Alida Anderson, Mera Rubell and F. Lennox Campello at (e)merge art fair in Washington, DC 2012
The second iteration of the (e)merge art fair ended today. I went visiting yesterday (that's me with the amazing Mera Rubell and the amazing Dr. Anderson de Campello hanging out at the bar of the Skyline Hotel).

This second (e)merge cements this art fair as unique not only in its stated goal to focus on emerging artists - it does that and it does it well - but also it has become the leading art fair in the world for performance art.

Last year's (e)merge was the springboard for the extraordinary talent of Wilmer Wilson IV - a spectacularly intelligent performance and installation artist (and one of the artists that I mentored last year!) who used (e)merge to spring straight from student status to worldwide exposure via art fairs from DC's Connersmith.

This year the fair's center of attention was the brilliant performance of my good bud Andrew Wodzianski, whose Ishmael performance was described by a New York gallerist as "heroic" and he added that he needed to "look this guy up!."

Wodzianski (see photos from WJLA TV here), was a little shaky when he was finally "rescued" from the waters of the Skyline pool yesterday, but this multi-talented and multimedia artist was the hit of this second version of (e)merge. Let's all hope that good things happen to him as a result of (e)merge.

That's Andrew below with Mera Rubell.

Artist Andrew Wodzianski and Mera Rubell at (e)merge art fair in Washington, DC

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Cornelius to Wed

Washington Project for the Arts and Corcoran Gallery of Art
Announce Save the Date, by Kathryn Cornelius
Performance part of Take It to the Bridge, a series of installations and performances in the Corcoran’s Performance Bridge from July 18 – September 15
Washington, D.C. (August 6, 2012) – Washington Project for the Arts and the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design are pleased to announce Save the Date, a performance by Kathryn Cornelius, taking place on Saturday, August 11, from 10am to 5pm.
Save the Date explores the life cycle of marriage and divorce and the wedding ceremony’s complex mix of private emotion, public spectacle, social expectation, and state power. Over the course of seven hours, Kathryn Cornelius will exchange vows with seven suitors. Each wedding ceremony will be followed by a champagne toast, cupcakes, a first dance and then, finally, the signing of divorce papers. A legal wedding officiant will perform the ceremonies, while the signing of divorce papers will be overseen by a divorce attorney. Ceremonies will begin on the hour, every hour, and run from 10am through 5pm. 
The seven suitors selected to wed the artist include performance artists Eames Armstrong, Holly Bass, and Andrew Bucket, writer and filmmaker Stephen Mack, art collector and physician Dr. Fred Ognibene, research scientist Dr. John Royer, and software engineer Antowne Walters. Cornelius invited proposals through the project website and personally selected six suitors. The seventh suitor was selected by a public vote, through the project’s Facebook page.
Save the Date approaches the topic of marriage, weddings, and divorce with both humor and gravity. This ceremony, and the attendant legal document, has, throughout history and across cultures, separated state-sanctioned and socially approved relationships from those deemed immoral, unacceptable, or simply unthinkable. In the midst of the debate over marriage equality and ever-present concerns over the frequency of divorce, Save the Date invites the viewer to consider the meaning of marriage as a lifetime commitment, a social ritual, a legal institution, and a public declaration of love. 
For more on Save the Date, visit and follow the project on Twitter @SaveTheDateDC.
Kathryn Cornelius is an interdisciplinary artist working in performance, video, photography, text, sounds, and sculpture. She is represented by Curator’s Office in Washington, DC. Her work has been exhibited nationally in cities such as New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore and internationally in Frankfurt, Germany, Herford, Germany, Barcelona, Spain, and Naples, Italy.

Save the Date is part of Take It to the Bridge, a nine-week series of installations and performances taking place through September 15 in the new Performance Bridge located inside the Corcoran’s glass entryway on 17th Street. The Performance Bridge was first constructed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art as the stage for Holly Bass’s performance Moneymaker, a seven-hour endurance work that took place on February 11, 2012, during the final weekend of the Corcoran’s landmark fall exhibition 30 Americans. For Take it to the Bridge, eleven artists living and working in the DC-Baltimore region will present nine installations and performances, investigating the Bridge’s physical characteristics and pushing the boundaries of this non-traditional space to explore a variety of social, political, and aesthetic issues. Installations will open on Wednesday and remain on view through the following Sunday for all museum hours. Performances will take place on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
The first seven weeks of the series coincide with the Corcoran's Free Summer Saturdays promotion, which run from May 26 - September 1, 2012. 
In conjunction with the series, WPA and the Corcoran present a public talk with Esa Nickle, Managing Director/ Producer of Performa, on Thursday, August 9 at 7pm. Founded by RoseLee Goldberg in 2004, Performa is the leading organization dedicated to exploring the critical role of live performance in the history of twentieth-century art and to encouraging new directions in performance for the twenty-first century. Nickle joined the Performa team in May 2005 as the Biennial Coordinator of Performa 05 and has since expanded her role as the line producer of Performa commissions, international tours and special events. During her talk, Nickle will discuss
new directions in performance and Performa’s work from 2005 to 2011. For more information and to register, visit

See the full Take it to the Bridge schedule below and more information online at  and

July 18 – July 22: Ubuntu, Maya Freelon Asante
Saturday, July 28,
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Sleep, Chajana denHarder
August 1 – August 5, all museum hours: Canaries in McMansionland, Jennifer Coster
Thursday, August 9, 7 p.m.: Public Talk with Esa Nickle, Managing Director/Producer of Performa
Friday, August 10: WPA Member meetings with Esa Nickle@WPA
Saturday, August 11,
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Save the Date, Kathryn Cornelius
Saturday, August 18,
12 p.m. – 5 p.m.): Procedures for Ground Safety Loss, Sarah Levitt
August 22 – August 26, all museum hours: The Airborne Leaflet Campaign,
COLON:Y (Chukwuma Agubokwu and Wilmer Wilson IV)
Saturday, September 1,
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Maid in the USA, Carolina Mayorga
Saturday, September 5 – September 9, all museum hours: Bridging the Light, Annie Albagli
Saturday, September 15,
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.: This Space Occupied (by Maida), Maida Withers with composer Steve Hilmy

Friday, September 23, 2011

(e)merge day one

I never got to the pool deck last night, but I was told by reliable sources that at one time about 1500 people were jamming the Skyline's famed pool area for (e)merge's opening party.

"Some folks were jumping in the pool and swimming around in their clothes or their underwear," reported the very young reporter from one of the newspapers' covering DC's cool new art fair.

"Was anyone naked?" asked you-know-who.


OK, so maybe next year.

The pre-opening party night was packed, as I reported yesterday, and (as an astute observer of the DC art scene) I can tell you that there were a lot of new faces, in addition to the usual suspects; this is a good thing... and I've never seen so many gigantic women in one place in my life. Where are all these Amazons coming from all of a sudden?

Meander: Did I mention that I was involved in a car (actually van) crash on the way to the fair? Don't ask.

I have my work in room 313, as I am being represented by MFA, my hardworking Virginia dealer.

I have three video drawings there; this is the one (which is hanging in the bathroom... oh yeah - The Lenster tricked out the head into a cool mini gallery), which has been gathering the most commentary:

Obama Agonistes, charcoal drawing with embedded video - by F. Lennox Campello

Obama Agonistes. Charcoal on 300 weight paper with embedded video player and continuous loop video. Matted and framed under glass to 16 x 32 inches. Circa 2011 by F. Lennox Campello

On Thursday night, I managed to piss off members of both the vast left wing nuthouse and the even vaster right wing conspiracy.

"How dare you show our President looking so vulnerable and desperate?" questions the LWNH card-carrying member. I try to explain a little, but get interrupted: "There have been NO failures!" he almost shouts and stomps off.

Later on I catch it from the right. "I don't like the way that you pretend that this guy even cares about anything but his political agenda," notes the card-carrying member of the VRWC; I start to explain, "He's not worth the paper on this drawing," ha adds (I think) as he walks off.

Interesting how in Washington, politics even come seeping into narrative artwork; but we all knew this, right?

But that was all last night.

Tonight, after I arrived I aimed for Flashpoint and bought one of Kenny George's art slot machines; I had my eye on them last night and didn't want to become one of those "I'll be backs" who comes back and the piece is gone.

Essentially, Kenny George buys discarded slot machines, early table sized video games, pin ball machines, etc. and re-designs them so that they are each an individual work of Kenny George art. At $400 each, the fully functional slot machines (he rebuilds them) are the best deal in the entire art fair. There are two left, go buy them now.

Pac Man slot machine by Kenny George

That's me (on the left) and Kenny below, flanking my new art acquisition:

Lenny Campello and Kenny George at (e)merge art fair, Washington, DC

Later on the night, the amazing Mera Rubell dropped by and we spent quite a while chatting about DC and our art scene. Rubell is an amazing magnet - that's the best way that I can describe her. Before she left room 313, Sheila Giolitti's work caught her attention (always a good thing, uh?) and she popped back in and discussed it with the artist.

I had been hearing a lot of buzz about Wilmer Wilson IV's performance from various people ("His performance was amazing," noted Prof. Chawky Frenn), and later on I ran into him in the halls and Wilson was still buzzing, as he had just finished it. He looked both exhausted and primed for more action - if that's even possible.

I predict that Wilson will be offered representation this weekend: this is sort of what (e)merge is all about - at least in part - right?

Tomorrow: Back for the whole day this time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(e)merge announces its exhibitors

The (e)merge art fair has announced its exhibiting galleries and invited unrepresented artists. Check them out here.

Also check out Maura Judkis' take on the issue in the WaPo here and GOG's Lavanya Ramanathan, also in the WaPo, here and Benjamin Freed in the WCP here.

The participants are:
GALLERY PLATFORM > galleries and non-profit art spaces
AUSTRIA: Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna. | BELGIUM: Nomad Gallery, Brussels. | CANADA: Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montréal. | FRANCE: Galerie E.G.P., Paris. | GERMANY: Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt. | ITALY: Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan. / Teverina Fine Art, Cortona. | THE NETHERLANDS: Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam. | U.K.: Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne. | U.S.A: ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA. / Art Whino Gallery, National Harbor, MD. / Aureus Contemporary, Providence, RI. / Conner Contemporary Art, Washington, DC. / Corcoran College of Art + Design, Washington, DC. / Curator’s Office, Washington, DC. / Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC. / G Fine Art, Washington, DC. / Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, VA. / Goya Contemporary, Baltimore. MD / Hamiltonian Artists, Washington, DC. / Heiner Contemporary, Washington, DC. / Hemphill Fine Arts, Washington, DC. / Honfleur Gallery, Washington, DC. / Irvine Contemporary, Washington, DC. / Jordan Faye Contemporary, Baltimore, MD. / Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York, NY. / Lu Magnus Gallery, New York, NY. / Mayer Fine Art, Norfolk, VA. / McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA. / Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. / Mindy Solomon Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL. / monique meloche, Chicgo, IL / Solas Nua, Washington, DC. / The Studio Visit, Washington, DC. / Transformer, Washington, DC. / Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC. / White Columns, New York, NY.

ARTIST PLATFORM > unrepresented artists
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Come to this tonight
Wilmer Wilson
As I've noted before, Susana Raab, Tim Tate and I have been mentoring some exceptional young artists as part of the Fine Artists in Residence program at Strathmore.

I've had a preview of the final exhibition and I can tell you that these four young artists have left me speechless with what they have created for this final show. Come and visit and prepare to be impressed!

The opening is tonight, Friday July 22, 2011 from 7-9PM. I have a brand new video drawing in the exhibition.

See ya there!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tomorrow - BITE: Identity and Humor

Wilmer Wilson IV, one of the artists in the Strathmore Mansion mentorship program that Susana Raab, Tim Tate and yours truly has been working with, will have video works, film stills, and a sculpture in an exhibition entitled BITE: Identity and Humor, curated by Jefferson Pinder, at the Greater Reston Arts Center.

The show will be up from June 23 to July 29. There is an opening reception on Saturday, June 25, from 5-7p. In addition, my good friend Phillipa Hughes will moderate a dialogue in conjunction with the show on July 11 at 7:30p.

See ya there!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

BITE: Identity and Humor

Wilmer Wilson IV, one of the artists in the Strathmore Mansion mentorship program that Susana Raab, Tim Tate and yours truly has been working with, will have video works, film stills, and a sculpture in an exhibition entitled BITE: Identity and Humor, curated by Jefferson Pinder, at the Greater Reston Arts Center.

The show will be up from June 23 to July 29. There is an opening reception on Saturday, June 25, from 5-7p. In addition, my good friend Phillipa Hughes will moderate a dialogue in conjunction with the show on July 11 at 7:30p.

See ya there!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend duties

Tomorrow night: Meet the various artists selected for the Strathmore Fine Artist in Residence Program Mentorship. Those artists are:

Minna Philips (drawing/installation)

Wilmer Wilson IV (mixed media/installation)

Brittany Sims (painting)

Solomon Slyce (photography)
Saturday & Sunday: Review the work by the 43 artists from all over the USA and Scotland who have applied to the Torpedo Factory Art Center's Visiting Artists Program of one, two, or three-month residencies between June 1 and August 31, 2011 - then select about a dozen for the residencies.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit

Postcards From the Edge is a show and sale of original, postcard-sized works on paper by established and emerging artists. The works are signed on the back and exhibited so the artists' signatures cannot be seen.

This year's Visual AIDS Postcards From the Edge Benefit is hosted in NYC by Sikkema Jenkins & Co, has the preview party on World AIDS Day, Friday, December 1 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM with a sneak peek only -- $75 admission includes one raffle ticket. One Lucky Winner will select any postcard that evening! Additional Raffle Tickets $25.

A silent auction of artworks by Barton Lidice Benes, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer and Richard Renaldi, will be held at the Preview Party, Dec. 1 from 6-8PM. Details and images here.

The Benefit Sale is Saturday, December 2 from 12:00 - 6:00 PM & Sunday, December 3 from 12:00 - 4:00 PM. $5 Suggested Admission. Over 1,000 original postcard-sized works of art. Only $75 each. Buy four cards and get one free. Participating artists are:

Mary Jo Aardsma, David Abbott, Joshua Abelow, Rachel B. Abrams, Vito Acconci, Brillion Adams, Derrick Adams, Farah Ahmad, Mason Akers, Tatiana Akoeva, Michael Alago, Courtney Alan, Michael Alan, Lynne Alexander, Alexander 23, Mary Alford, Stacy Alickman, Meredith Allen, Scott Allen, Carol Alonge, Anthony Alvarez, Jose Alvarez, David Ambrose, Blanka Amezkua, Shannon Amidon, Kim Amlong, Marie Anakee, Marina Ancona, Jack Anderson, Micki Anderson, Terry Ray Anderson, Kristin Anderson & Danny Licul, Carl Andre, Chad Andrews, Stephen Andrews, Brandon Andrzejczak, Elizabeth Andrzejczak, William Anthony, Polly Apfelbaum, Sally Apfelbaum, Rosaire Appel, Tomie Arai, Sol Aramendi, Michelle Arbeit, Wendy Arbeit, Kristoffer Ardena, Lauren D. Ari, Rebecca Armstrong, Yelena Aronson, Andrea Arroyo, Todd Arsenault, Julia Arzberger, Sabrina Asch, Mike Asente, Richard Ashe, Walter Askin, Kisito Assangni, Dotty Attie, Emily Aull, Anthony Austin, Lacy Austin, Dominick Avellino, Mehmet Ayanoglu, Joseph Ayers, Luke Ayres, Aziz + Cucher, Adam Baer, Miki Baird, Patrick Michael Baird, Raina Bajpai, Heti Baker, John Baldessari, Phyllis Baldino, Angela Barbalace, Gerard Barbot, Perry Bard, Frieda Bard Wirick, Julia Whitney Barnes, Scott Barnes, Malena Barnhart, Jill Baroff, Burt Barr, Paula Barr, Katie Barrie, Alex Barry, Mark Barry, Elliot Bassman, Hugo Xavier Bastidas, Larissa Bates, Peggy Bates, Mindy Baughman, Erica Baum, Sarah Baum, Miriam Baumer, Gail Baxter Cohen, Jeffrey Beall, Helena Beban, Kate Beck, Robert Beck, Tania Becker, Elizabeth Beckmann, Maureen Beitler, Valerie Belin, Adam Bell, Caroline Bell, Laura Bell, Mina Bellavia, Anne-Marie Belli, Chris Bellingham, Susanna Beltrandi, Ronnie Ben-Ami, Yael Ben-Zion, Barton Lidice Benes, Robert A. Benevenga, Stefany Benson, Micah Beree, Kermit Berg, Marina Berio, Peter Berlin, Katherine Bernhardt, Rakel Beruie, Rachel Berwick, Stephen Beveridge, Brett Beyers, Marieke Bier, Andrea Biller Collins, James Bills, Colby Bird, JoAnn Bishop, Mariella Bisson, George Blaha, Nancy Blair, Nayland Blake, Dana Blanco, Sonia Blanco-Florentino, Martin Bland, Julie Blattberg, Peter Blazek, Ross Bleckner, Lucinda Bliss, Stephanie Bloom, Deborah Boardman, Mel Bochner, Bianca Bockman, Mara Bodis-Wollner, Daniel Bodner, Sandra Boer, Elizabeth Bonaventura, David Borawski, Teresa Bosko, Lynn Boudreau, Matthew Bourbon, Nina Bovasso, Diane Bower, Astrid M. Bowlby, Cyd Bown, Dave Bown, Ryan Bown, Bruce Wesley Boyce, Daniel Boyer, Kelli Boyles, S. Kendall Bradford, Madelyn Bradley, Bradford Branch, Michael Brandonisio, Gladys Grey Brannum, Marcelo Brantes, Cariya Breemen, Susan Breen, John Breiner, Dagmar Breitenbauc, Corey R. Breneisen, Matthew Brennan, Lisa Breslow, Jacklyn Brickman, Kevin Bright, John Brill, Matt Broach, Mona Brody, Patricia Brody & Tom Kostro, Moazzam Ali Brohi, AA Bronson, Arnold Brooks, Nancy Brooks Brody, Jude Broughan, Christopher Broughton, Jenny Brown, Kim Brown, Maggie Brown, Louise Brown Kennett, Neil Bruce, Samantha Brugger, Tom Brydelsky, Thomas Bugarin, Stephanie Buhmann, Jessica Bumpass, Christopher Burke, Selene E. Burke, Amy Burns, Tim Burns, Hannah Burr, Tricia Burr, Nancy Burson, Jordan Buschur, Ernie Button, Mary Button, Theresa Byrnes, Marcus Camacho, Michael J. Cambre, Sherry Camhy, Elsa Campbell, F. Lennox Campello, Julio Candelario, Hector Canonge, Dulcie Canton, Suzanne Caporael, Miss Lyn Cardinal, Luis Carle, Joel Carlson, Curtis Carman, Lisa Carney, Victor Carnuccio, Kristen Caroselli, Rob Carter, Harriet Casolin-Silver, Marco Castro, Rick Castro, Niccolo Cataldi, Ananda Cavalli, Jennifer Cecere, Lynn Cella, Robert Cenedella, Seung Hun Cha, Stan Challenger, Beau Chamberlain, Anthony Champa, N. Janan Chandler, Frederick Chang, Ling Chang, Sunny Chapman, Michelle Charles, Cynthia Chatman, Ignacio Chavarri, Amy Cheng, Edward Cheng, Asa Chibas, Hollie Marie Chicalese, Ogechi Chiek, Eun Woo Cho, Abby Choi, Cecile Chong, Henry Chung, Elsie P. Church, Monica D. Church, Vincent Cianni, Laura Ciarcia, Lauren Cipkin, Susan Cirigliano, Rania Cisternas, Stephen TARO Clark, Rob Clarke, Christopher Clary, Veronica Jay Clay, Dawn Clements, Estate of Buster Cleveland, Wanda Clouston, Dominic Clouter, Anthony P. Clune, Jon Coffelt, Aaron Cohen, Michael Cohen, Neal Cohen, Susan Colgan, Cecy Colichon, C.J. Collins, Michael Roque Collins, Fernando Colon-Gonzalez, Elizabeth Colrick, Greg Colson, Nicoleta Coman, Hyakamooks Compton, Victoria Compton, Elisabeth Condon, Sherri Conley, Emily Conover, Juliette Conroy, Susan Constanse, Mallory Cooper, Pam Cooper, Stuart A. Copans, David Corbett, David Correa Muñoz, David Corwin, Geraldine Cosentino, Steve Cox, Del Craig, Patrick M. Craig, Peter Cramer, Brian Crede, Carla Criqui, Elizabeth Crisman, Robert Cronin, Sage Crown Parker, Albert Crudo, Gannon Leigh Crutcher, Shawn Cuddy, Janet Culbertson, Megan Cump, Colleen Cunningham, S. Purvis Cykes, Peggy Cyphers, Martin Dabrowski, Dennis Dahill, Steven Dalachinsky, David Dalessandro, Laura Dandaneau, Becky Daniel, Belinda Daniel, Vinod Dave, Jill Daves, Julie Davidow, Anna U. Davis, Jennifer Davis, Mark Davis, R. Clarke Davis, Kate Davis Caldwell, Keina Davis Elswick, Victor Davson, Marguerite Day, Laurel De George, Joe De Hoyos, Jesus De La Rosa, Frank de Las Mercedes, Regina De Rozario, Sandra De Sando, Elisa Decker, Gloria DeFilipps Brush, Jay Deleon, Nana Deleplanque, Tony DePew, Lori Der Hagopian, Priscilla Derven, Wendy DesChene, Robyn Desposito, Aasta Deth, Geoffrey Detrani, Yoko Devereaux, Mary DeVincentis, Louie Devito, Jenn DeWald, Linda Di Gusta, Mike Diana, Justin Luis Diaz, James Diffin, Amy DiGennaro, Simone DiLaura, Roz Dimon, Danielle Dimston, George Dinhaupt, Aureo Diniz, Christina Dipaci, Abigail Doan, Eric Doeringer, Rory Donaldson, Todd Doney, Elissa Dorfman, Judite Dos Santos, Tim Doud, Christopher Dovas, Sean Downey, Kathleen Drescher, Melanie Ducharme, Schuyler Duffy, Angela Dufresne, Laura Duggan, Mark Dumschatt, Maureen Duncan, Chad Durgan, Rodney Durso, Matthias Duwel, Jeremy Dyer, Michael Eade, Brent Nicholson Earle, Masako Ebata, Marlene Eckhardt, Marta Edmisten, Cynthia Edorh, Erin Edwards, Tiffany Edwards, Sally Egbert, Frank Egloff, Michael Eichhorn, Per Eidspjeld, Jason Eisner, Yosra El-essawy, Eric Elias, Robyn Ellenbogen, Jared Ellison, Erin Emanuelle, Lorena Endara, Elise Engler, Joy Episalla, Mitch Epstein, Sam Erenberg, Erich Erving, Carol Es, Donelle Estey, Yvonne Estrada, John Evans, Julie Evans, Dore Everett, Todd “Clemence” Everette, Patricia Fabricant, James Fackrell, Neil Farber, Adriana Farmiga, David Faulk, Kate C. Fauvell, Nicholas Fedak II, Tony Feher, Shelley Feinerman, Elyn Feldman/Kenny Gaye, Margaret Ferraro, Celeste Fichter, Toma Fichter, Luc Fierens, Janet Filomeno, John Findysz, Brian Finke, Lisbeth Firmin, Michelle Firoozan, Christina B. Fischer, Brad Fisher, Matthew Fisher, Louise Fishman, Roddy Fitzgerald, Joan Fitzsimmons, John Fitzsimmons, Gail Flanery, Samantha Flechaus, Jacques Flechemuller, Christine Flores, Frances Flores, Robert Flynt, Roy Foo, Jean Foos, James R. Ford, Cacy Forgenie, Jennifer Formica, Martine Fougeron, Stephen Robert Frankel, Christopher Frederick, Maya Freelon, Martin Freeman, Sharon J. Frey, Art Frick, Leni Friedland, Meagan Friedlander, Sabra Friendman, Matthew Fritze, Nichole Frocheur, Gina Fuentes Walker, Ivan Gaete, Tali Gai, Felipe Galindo, Sean Paul Gallegos, Linda Ganjian, Lauren Garber, Angelica Garcia, Arturo Garcia, Julio Garcia, Laurel Garcia Colvin, Milton Garcia Latex, Joy Garnett, James Gasowski, Allyson Gaston, Jeff Gauntt, Christopher Gauthier, Robin Gaynes-Bachman, Claude Gazengel, Mike Geary, Madeline Gekiere, Andrea Geller, Sandy Gellis, Mike Geno, Alexa Gerrity, Leslie Getz, Gilles Giacomotti, Cris Gianakos, Tony Gilardi, David Gilbert, Laura Gilbert, Paul Gillis, Audrey Gim, Eric Ginsberg, Frances Giron, Sean Gittens, Judy Glantzman, Milton Glaser, Sydell Glasser, Robin Glassman, Daniel Glendening, Megan Glickman, Bonnie Gloris, Jo Going, Connor Goldberg, Jack Goldberg, Kenneth Sean Golden, Nan Goldin, Janet Goldner, Lance Goldsmith, David Goldstein, Josh Goldstein, Rupert Goldsworthy, Nidia Gonzalez, Kathy Goodell, David Emanuel Goodman, Lee Gordon, Sam Gordon, Daniel Gorostiaga, Shaun Gough, Dana Grabelsky, Michelle Grabner, Leor Grady, Deborah Grant, Robin Graubard, Jeffrey Grauel, Victoria Gray, Nathan Green, Joanne Greenbaum, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Eriq Gregg, Clint Griffin, Peter Griffin, Stewart Griffin, Sonya Gropman, Ellen Grossman, Virgil Grotfeldt, Todd Grousdahl, Joan Grubin, Magalie Guerin, Kathy Gulrich, Carl Gunhouse, Diana Gurfel, Robin Guterson, Ana B. Gutierrez, A. Gutwirth, Ira Joel Haber, Harriett Hache, Rebecca Hackermann, Theresa Hackett, Patricia Haemmerle, Cristine Haft, Shauna Haider, Katy Hamer, Jane Hammond, Kelsey Hammond, Geugin Han, Marc Handleman, Linda Handler, John Hanning, Sandra Hanny Ahern, Erik Hanson, Jody Hanson, Lynn Hanson, Yvette Hao, Brent Haradas, Gwen Hardie, Millie Harper, Sherry Harradence, Patricia Harrigan, Christopher Harris, John Harris, Jan Harrison, David Greg Harth, Rose Hartman, Peter Harvey, Michael Harwood, Shari Hatt & L.M. MacMillan, Susan Hauser, Tom Hawkins, James A. Hawley, Kirsten Hawthorne, Joseph Hayes, Jodi Hays, Karen Heagle, Mary Heilmann, Emily Helck, Geoffrey Hendricks, Jon Hendricks, Jan Henle, Maxine Henryson, Ed Herman, Jeannette Hernandez, Arturo Herrera, Caroline C. Herrick, Matthias Herrmann, Elizabeth Hertweck, B. Heyboer, Laura Heyman, Kate Higgins, Amy Hill, Meredith Hilt, Julie Himel, Dahn Hiuni, An Hoang, Pamela Hochschartner Viola, Jim Hodges, Naomi C. Hoffman, Nick Holliday, Joseph O. Holmes, Brece Honeycutt, Shelia Horne, Jarrod Houghton, Sisavanh Houghton, Joanne Howard, Joel Hoyer, Mary Hrbacek, Andrea Huber, Linda Huff, Scott Hug, Laura Hughes, David Humphrey, Angela N. Hunt, Kyle Hunt, Brian Hutchison, Winifred Hwang, Pat Hydak, James Hyde, Nash Hyon, Phillip Ianchici, Jessica Iapino, Shigeno Ichimura, Ilian Ivanov AKA Rikka, Mikhail Iliatov, Lindsay Iliff, Asia Ingalls, Ketta Ioannidou, Lora Elizabeth Irwin, Carmen Isasi, Monique Isham, Junichiro Ishida, Stephani Isles, Michael Itkoff, Alfredo Jaar, Larry JaBell, Tim Jablonski, Sandra Jackman, Derek Jackson, Peter Jacobs, Merlin James, Lisa Marie Jankowski, Matthew Jankowski, James Jaxxa, Jim Jeffers, Bill Jensen, Diana Jenson, Tom Jezek, Amado Jimenez, Simen Johan, Kyle Johnsen, Carin Johnson, Courtney Johnson, Erick Johnson, Holly Johnson, Jack Johnson, Liz Johnson, Nikki Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Alexandra Johnston, Bill Jones, Darrell Jones, Mablen Jones, Mark Jones, Leeah Joo, Michael Joo, Nicole Jordan, MD, JORIAL, Jovani, Jeff Joyce, Roberto Juarez, Karen Jane Justice, Jonathan Kahle, Ellen Kahn, Jennifer Kakaletris, Amy Kao, Vicky Kao, Gareth Kaple, Rhea Karam, Cyrus Karimipour, Elaine Karton, Norman Kary, Nina Katchadourian, Betsy Kaufman, Jessica M. Kaufman, Pat Kaufman, Dionisios Kavvadias, Richard Kearns, John Carlos Keasler, Andrew Keating, Casey Kelbaugh, Marthe Keller, Leah Keller-Transburg, Millan Kelley, J. Lynn Kelly, Jamie Kelty, Doreen Kennedy, Michael “Misha” Kennedy, Doug Kent, Victor Marchand Kerlow, Jen Keshka, Mariya Khalt, Brian Khele, Kianne, Jen Kim, Kyung Kim, Yong Hee Kim, David King, Matt King, Polly King, Dave Kinsey, Susan Kirby, Lori Kirkbride, J.T. Kirkland, Barbara Klein, Charlotte Klein, Seymour Kleinberg, Michelle Kloehn, Lucretia Knapp, Barbara Knight, Frances Knight, Alison Knowles, Barbara Eden Kobrin Klein, Maya Koenig, Carol Kohn, Francine Kohn, Melissa Kojima, Thomas Koole, Jeff Koons, Sonya Korder, Fran Kornfeld, John Kotula, Jennifer Kozel, Joyce Kozloff, Dimitri Kozyrev, Aaron Krach, Helmut Krakie, Ellie Krakow, Josh Kramb, Peter Krebs, Fawn Krieger, Justyna Krygowska, Liliana Krynska, Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner, Melora Kuhn, Ida Kumoji, Louis Kunsch, Melissa Kuntz, Lauren Kurki, Sylvia Kwon, Eliot Lable, Jander F. Lacerda, Stephen Lack, Eliza Lamb, Emily Noelle Lambert, Jesse Lambert, Marc Landes, Jason Laning, Aldo Lanzini, Barbara Victoria Lapin, Yngvar Larsen, Jamie R. Lasden, Paul Laster, Mary Ellen Latas, Joan Laufer, Ayala Laufer-Cahana, Louis Laurita, Victoria Law, Louise Lawler, J.C. Lazarus, Abigail Lazkoz, Marjeta Lederman, Calvin Lee, Deanna C. Lee, Herenia Lee, Jennifer Lee, Jieun Zaun Lee, Jim Lee, Joyce Lee, Paul Lee, Sally O. Lee, Theresa Lee, Leeladhar, Jennifer Lehe, Roz Leibowitz, Catarina Leitao, Diane Leon, Charles Leonard, Marion Lerner-Levine, Miriam A. Leuchter, Sue-Yee Leung, Barbara E. Leven, Joe Levickas, Heather Levy, Joshua Dov Levy, Judith Levy, Martha Lewis, Ross Bennett Lewis, Cheng-Shu Li, Sophie Library, Vivian Liddell, Justin Lieberman, Edward Lightner, Glenn Ligon, Nicole Limperopulos, Clarence Lin, Ming Lin, Greg Lindquist, Richard Lindquist, Sharon Lindquist, Markus Linnenbrink, Stephen Lipman, Marcia Lippman, Lump Lipshitz, Jackie Lipton, Bruce Carl Lisanti, Penelope Lisk, Frank Liu, Mindy Liu, Rita Lombardi/Jon Petro, Daniel Long, Gaddiel Lopez, Emilee Lord, Hilary Lorenz, Whitfield Lovell, Lovett/Codagnone, Gina Lovoi, Joy Low, Heather Lowe, Leslie Lowe, Scott Lowenbaum, Michael Lownie, Rebecca Loyche, Barbara Lubliner, Monique Luchetti, Robert Ludwig, Cecilia Lueza, Pamela Lum, Lexie Lumiere, Brian Lund, Deborah Lutz, Annica Lydenberg, Lucinda Lynch, David R. 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Marlowe, Rochelle Marmorek, Sandy Marostica, Beth Mart, Fernanda Martin, Trevor Martin, Sam Martineau, Charmaine Martinez, Max Carlos Martinez, Magdalena Martinez-Franco, Mah Moneer Masih-Tehrani, Christina Massey, Frank Mastropaolo, Joan Mastropaolo, Malorine Mathurin, Igor Mattio, Brielle Maxwell, Robert Adam Mayer, Katie Mayhew, Mayo, Susan Mayr, Bradi Mays, Stanley McBarnette, Melissa McCarthy, Stepana McClure, Dave McDermott, McDermott & McGough, David McDonnell, Tim McDonnell, Sean McDonough, Sarah McEneany, Florence Alfano Mcewin, Dominic McGill, Alison McGoran, Elaine McKay, Craig McKenzie, Anne Q. 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Sauerbrun, Richard Sawdon Smith, Joe Saxe, Jenn Scarola, Karen Schiff, Cecilia Schmidt, Gary Schneider, Aynsley Schopfer, Holli Schorno, Collier Schorr, Tom Schreiber, Dustin Schuetz, David Charles Schulze, Michaela Schumaci, Susan Schwalb, Molly Schwartz, Caroline Scott, Coleen Scott, Dread Scott, Jennifer Scott, Greg Seagrave, Analia Segal, Shulamit Seidler-Feller, Amy Seidule, Jackie Seles, Jonathan Seliger, Christina Serchia, Harriet Serenkin, Martha Sermier, Judy Servon, Emily Severance, Marcia Sewall, Defna Shalum, Irma Shapiro, Frank Sheehan, Mark Sheinkman, Ellen L. Shepard, Glen Shepard-Siple, Kelly Shepard-Siple, Susan Shepard-Siple, Kate Shepherd, Lela Shields, Beth Shipley, Ellen Shire, Peter O. Shire, Jon Shireman, Sarah Shirley, Ethan Shoshan, Joyce Siegel, Rebecca Siemering, Hrafnhildur Sigurdardottir, Artur Silva, Luis Silva, Tawnie Silva, Lauren Simkin Berke, Patricia Simko, Jimmie Mack Simmonds, Lauren E. Simon, Thomas Simon, Kelley Simons, Katherine D. Singh, Ellen Singletary, Emily Skaer, Ski, Ruth Sklut, Christopher Skura, Tom Slaughter, Jill Slaymaker, J. Sloman, Jill Slosburg-Ackerman, Benjamin Sluat, Sarah Small, Wendy Small, Allison Smith, Charlie Smith, Clare Smith, Clifford D. Smith, Jessica Smith, Kiki Smith, Lory Smith, Michael Smith, Eleni Smolen, Karen Smul, Lanya Snyder, Yasmine Soiffer, Thomas R. Somerville, Erik Sommer, Erika Somogyi, DeDe Sorensen, Christina A. Soriano, Mario Sostre, Teddy Spath Jr., Hilary Spector, Maria Spector, George Spencer, Tracey Sperling, Nancy Spero, Gary J. Speziale, Janice Spillane, Andrew Spina, Margot Spindelman, Janine Spittle Montoya, Enisa Srdanovic, Gail Staal, LCSW, Stacey Stambaugh, Kelly Starbuck, Craig Starger, Starr, Jiri Stavovcik, Rene Stawicki, K-Fai Steele, Barry Steely, Clint Steib, William Steiger, Laura Stein, Stanley Stellar, Joseph Stengel, Jeff Stevenson, John Michael Stevison, Karen Stiehl Osborn, Bruce Stiglich, Michael Still, Sam Still, Linda Stillman, George Stills, Ben Stock/Brainpower, Dani Strand, Lisa Studier, Bobbi Studstill, Go Sugimoto, Sabina Sule, Hiroshi Sunari, Sur Rodney (Sur), Rachel Sussman, Ferenc Suto, Philip Swan, William Swanson, Daniel Swartz, Liz Sweibel, Jane Swidzinski, Helen Sykes, Lauren Szwech, Barbara Takenaga, Dafna Tal, Sam Tan, Tattfoo Tan, William Tarnowski, Nuri Taub, Caroline Tavelli-Abar, Hana Mori Taylor, Morgan Taylor, Scotti Taylor, Steed Taylor, Don A. Tedesco, Ron Terner, Andre Terry, Ron Testa, Wendy Testu, James Thacker, Michael Thalassinos, Richard Thatcher, Elaine Theodoropoulos, Austin Thomas, Gwenn Thomas, Andrew Ti, Arno Tijnagel, Elizabeth Tillotson, Mary Ting, Zdravko Toic, Gozan Tomcic, Ava E. Tomlinson, Mette Tommerup, Nancy Tompkins, Anne Marie Torrez, George Towne, Breanne Trammell, Bill Travis, Miyuki Tsushima, Elton Tucker, Meg Tulloch, Chris Twomey, Rhonda Tymeson, Kyle Tyujillo, Penelope Umbrico, Alex Umen, Peter Urban, Irving Uribe (CATV), Chea Ryan Urioste, Mary A. Valverde, Diane Van Cort, Jeff Van Kleeck, Pamela Van Sant, Annina Van Sebroeck, Connie Van Winssen, Johana Van Wyk, Carlos Vanegas, Dan Vasseur, Mary Veale, Jesse Veasey, Lorrie Veasey, Tony Michael Vecchio, Alberto Velasco, Wilmer Velez, Michael Velliquettee, Daniel Venne, Venske & Spanle, Carlo Vialu, Carrie Villines, Marlene Vine, Rachel Vine, Jemina Vita, Anthony Viti, Conrad Vogel, Judith Vogt, Don Voisine, Nadya Volicer, Whitney Vosburgh, Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey, Melanie Wadsworth, Nomi Waksberg, Robert Walden, Daniel R. Waldron, Athena Waligore, Joy Walker, Kara Walker, Emily Walley, Kristin Walsh, Shane Canyon Walsh, Katherine Walton-Myers, Lucia Warck-Meister, Tom Warren, Phoebe Washburn, Marcy Wasserman, Jack Waters, John Waters, Robert Waters, Judy Watt, Patrick Webb, Tenesh Webber, Joan Weber, Valerie Wedel, Laura Weed, William Wegman, Michael Weidrich, Heather Weikel, Elizabeth Weinberg, Louise Weinberg, Dan Weiner, Emily Weiner, Lawrence Weiner, Ejay Weiss, Barbara Weissberger, Taryn Wells, Carolyn Weltman, Michael Werner, Robert Wersan, Alisha Cecelia Wessler, Larry Westler, Frederick Weston, Kurt Weston, Dirk Westphal, Charmaine Wheatley, Stuart Wheeler, Ken Whitbeck, Bridget White, Eileen L. White, Jack White, Susanne E. White, Tom White, Mark Wiener, Meghan Wilbar, Christine Willcox, Dan Williams, Danie Williams, Diane Williams, Jennifer Williams, Jennifer Williams, Jim Williams, John Williams, Ross G. Williams, Shirley Williams, Todd Williams, James J. Williams III, J. Williamson, Corey J. Willis, Wendy Willis, Dean Wilson, Fred Wilson, June Wilson, Kate Wilson, Letha Wilson, Millie Wilson, Mikey Windy, Deborah Wing-Sproul, Albert Winn, Edie Winograde, Adela Winter, Gene Wisniewski, James Wodarek, Marcie Wolf-Hubbard, Espie Woods, C. J. Worlein, Jennifer Wroblenski, Tamara Wyndham, Noel Wynn, Rob Wynne, Cathy Wysocki, An Xiao, Junko Yamada, Riichi Yamaguchi, Lynne Yamamoto, Carrie Yamaoka, Frank Yamrus, Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck, Mie Yim, Yoichiro Yoda, Robert Yoder, Mika Yokobori, Tim Youd, Laurence Young, Laurie Young, Nicole Young, Jennifer Zakrzewski, John Zaso, Brian Zegeer, Jody Zellen, Yvonne Zhu, Dan Zinno, Anthony Zito, and Kristin Zottoli.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Postcards from the Edge

Postcards from the Edge is easily the world's largest annual group show.

This year it is being hosted by the Robert Miller Gallery in New York, and there are around 1500 original works of art for sale to benefit Visual AIDS.

Details here. The participating artists are listed below and I've highlighted several DC area artists whose names I recognize.

The Artists

Tim Aanensen, Mary Jo Aardsma, Luciana Abait, Samira Abbassy, David Abbott, Myriam Abdelaziz, Joshua Abelow, Issa Abou Issa, Rachel B. Abrams, Daniel Abrams, Vito Acconci, Paula Acosta, Irina Adam, Derrick Adams, Raymond Adams, Brian Patrick Adams, MaryAnne Adjei, Ferid Agi, Abbey Agresta, Pierre Ahlstrom, Tatiana Akoeva, Michael Alago, Michael Alan, Lora Alaniz & Jennifer Beth Guerin, Anne Alarcon, Beatriz Albuquerque, Susan Alden, Aldwyth, Alexander 23, Ali, Meredith Allen, Blanka Amezkua, Shannon Amidon, Marie Anakee, Kristin Anderson, Chris Anderson, Stephen Andrews, Chad Andrews, Victor Angelo, Anonymous, William Anthony, Paul Antonio Szabo, Polly Apfelbaum, Sally Apfelbaum, Ida Applebroog, Robert Appleton, Tomie Arai, Carolyn Arcos, Joan Arena-Mastropaolo, Soledad Arias, Robin Arnold, Alonys Art, Nora Aslan, Dotty Attie, Ochiishi Augustmoon, Dominick Avellino, David Aviles, Joseph Ayala, Joseph Ayers, Helene Aylon, Nancy Azara, Aziz + Cucher, Adam Baer, Julie Baetzold, Ralph Baginski, Shane M. Bainbridge, Patrick Michael Baird, Paul Baker, Melanie Baker, Gikanjali Bakshi, John Baldessari, Phyllis Baldino, Julia Barber, Gerard Barbot, Perry Bard, Oliver Barnes Newton, Burt Barr, Olivia Barr, Paula Barr, Katie Barrie, Megan Barron, Rita Barros, Mark Barry, Beth Bartholomew, Barbara Bashlow Guzman, Elliot Bassman, Larissa Bates, Jackie Battenfield, Hilary Batzel, Erica Baum, Amy Bay, Kristin Beal-Degrandmont, Robert Beck, Jaq Belcher, Adam Bell, Caroline Bell, Anna Bell, Bellavia, Stuart Bender, Barton Lidice Benes, Garry Benet, Benito, Joseph Bennett, Terc Bennett, Ross Bennett Lewis, Gene Benson, Kermit Berg, Stacy Bergener, Ragna Berlin, Jason B. Bernard, Katherine Bernhardt, Amy Bernhardt, Alberte Bernier, Patrick Berran, Elizabeth Best, Stephen Beveridge, Sujata Bharani, Anna Bhushan, Susane Bifano, Peter Bill, Michael Binkley, Sherry Bittle, Darla Bjork, Christine Blackburn, George Blaha, Nancy Blair, Nayland Blake, Julie Blattberg, Ross Bleckner, Lucinda Bliss, Theresa Bloise, China Blue, Deborah Boardman, Victoria Anne Boardman, Daniel Bodner, Alana Bograd, David Bonfim, David Bonfin, Chakaia Booker, David Borawski, Frank Boros, Desiree Borrero, Todd Bosworth, Matthew Bourbon, Nina Bovasso, Astrid M. Bowlby, Melissa Bowman, George Box, Bruce Wesley Boyce, Daniel Boyer, Nicole Boyle, Bern Boyle, Gail Bracegirdle, Philip Bradley, Marcelo Brantes, Dana Brauckmann, John Breiner, Susan Breitsch, Matthew Brennan, Nancy Brett, Norbert Briar, Ben Briere, Celeste Brignac, Walter Briski Jr, Shane Britenstein, Mona Brody, Nancy Brooks Brody, Ashley Brollier, Arnold Brooks, John Brown, Stacy Brown, Brice Brown, Valerie Brown, Shash Broxson, Neil Bruce, Robert Bruce, Miriam Brumer, Loreen Bryant, Mija Bryen, Vanessa Bucci, Matthew Buckingham, Brian Buczak, Thomas Bugarin, Greg Bugel, Sarah Kate Burgess, Christopher Burke, Kenneth Burke, Marty Burns, Bob Burnside, Hannah Burr, Keil Burrman, Nancy Burson, Julie Cabell, Morgan Cahn, Robert Calame, Philip Calkins, Michael J. Cambre, Sandra Camomile, Susan Camp, Kirsten Campbell, F. Lennox Campello, Barbara Campisi, Theresa Rose Canto, Lincoln Capla, Suzanne Caporael, Karlos Carcamo, Claudette Carino, Susanna Carlisle, Joel Carlson, Curtis Carman, Victor Carnuccio, Frederic P. Carpenter, Kevin Carpio, Colleen Carradi, Mary Ellen Carroll, Lana Carter, Casey Leigh Carty, Megan Cassell, Blas Yenzzy Castro, Rick Castro, Janice Caswell, Niccolo Cataldi, James Catania, Andrea Cautmen, Andrea Cautmen, Teresa Celemin, Celso, Li-Trin Cere, Bindu Chadaga, Richard Chaloux, Mark Chamberlain, Anthony Champa, Paul Chan, Victoria Chang, Jennifer Chapek, Ben Chase, Amy Cheng, Pansum Cheng, Andrew Chesler, Julia Chiang, Mike Chiarello, Kathleen Ching, Kim Chivers - D’Amato, Kyung Cho, Wonjung Choi, Cecile Chong, Kevin Christy, Ann Chuchvara, Monica D. Church, Amanda Church, Elise P. Church, Vincent Cianni, John Cizmar, Karen Clark, Rob Clarke, Nuala Clarke, Robert Clarke-Davis, Alex Clates, Aaron Cobbett, Jon Coffett, Orly Cogan, Neal Cohen, Ben Colebrook, Ryan Coleman, Peter Colen, Susan Colgan, Cecy Colichon, Patrick Collier, Vicky Colombet, Greg Colson, Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff, Chrissy Conant, Aron Conaway, Ernest Concepcion, Elisabeth Condon, Doug Condon, Dusty Conley, Brendon Connors, Emily Conover, Juliette Conroy, CB Cooke, Jenifer Cooney, Pam Cooper, David Corbett, Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld, Kathryn Cornelius, David Correa Muñoz, Jose Luis Cortes, David Corwin, Erin Cowgill, Doug Cox, Steve Cox, Warren Craghead III, Patrick Craig, Matthew Craig, Peter Cramer, Fred Cray, Brian Crede, Kate Crilley-Fauvell, Ada Crisclone, Elizabeth Crisman, Judith Croce, Crudo, Pedro Cruz-Castro, Janet Culbertson, James Cullinane, Alan Cumming, Daphne Cummings, Megan Cump, Colleen Cunningham, Pasquale Cuppari, Peggy Cyphers, Kathleen Dac, Melissa Dadourian, Kara Dahlberg, Pradeep Dalal, David Dalessandro, Kelly Darr, Julie Davidow, James Davis, Raoul de Jong, Jose L. De Juan, Angela De Rosette, Marc DeBauch, Blase DeCelestino, Elisa Decker, Chris Dei, Matthew Deleget, Gianna Delluomo, Christina Delsandro, Jason Deneault, Priscilla Derven, Andrew DeShong, Almut Determeyer, Aasta Deth, Geoffrey Detrani, Sarah & Pearl Detweiler, Yoko Devereaux, Linda Di Gusta, Mike Diana, Mare Dianora, Alise Ann Diavastes, James Diffin, James Diffin, Simone DiLaura, Lesley Dill, Roz Dimon, Danielle Dimston, George Dinhaupt, Aureo Diniz, Abigail Doan, Erica Dobin, Corinne Dolle, Rory Donaldson, William Donovan, William Donovan, William Donovan, Sarah Doremus, Samantha Mae Dorfman, Elissa Dorfman, Elizabeth Dougherty, Christopher Dovas, Chad Downard, Claudia Drake, Charles Drees, Melanie Ducharme, Daniel Dueck, Angela Dufresne, Linda Dugger, Jeff Dunlap, Sheila Dunn, Alexis Duque, Chad Durgan, Anne Dushanko Dober, Kimberly Dwn, Annie Dwyer Internicola, Marcel Dzama, Michael Eade, Janae Easton, Mat Eaton, Masako Ebata, Marlene Eckhardt, Allison Edge, Cynthis Edorh, Frank Egloff, Melissa Ehrenveich, Per Eidspjeld, Jason Eisner, Emily Elahi, Eva Eland, Deborah Elliott Deutschman, Scott Elms, Mia Enell, Elise Engler, Cara Enteles, Paula B. Entin, Joy Episalla, Sharon Epperson, Mark Epstein, Donelle Estey, Yvonne Estrada, Beth Evancho, Margaret Evangeline, John Evans, Patrick Evans, Dore Everett, Bruce Eves, Bruce Eyster, F. Facer, James Fackrell, Rachael Faillace, Diego Assis Fainer, Jessica Falango, Neil Farber, Emily Farranto, David Faulk, Ming Fay, Nicholas Fedak II, Tony Feher, Cui Fei, Josh Feldman, Brandon Ferebee, Rea Silvia Feriozzi, Eliza Fernbach, Brad Fesmire, Celeste Fichter, Toma Fichter, Angelo Filomeno, Janet Filomeno, Sandra Fine, Michael A. Fink, Brian Finke, Christina B. Fischer, Katie Fitzsimmons, Paul W. Flanary, Jr., Becket Flannery, Sean-Michael Fleming, Ralph Rafael Fleming, Bettina L. Fliegel, Irina Florov, Robert Flynt, Karen Foley, Roy Foo, Jean Foos, Tom Foral, Monique Ford, Juliana Forero, Jennifer Formica, Nicholas Forrest, Peter Foucault, Martine Fougeron, Nicole Fournier, Lindsey Fox, Tara Fracalossi, Anne Maria Frassila, Travis Frazelle, Christopher Frederick, Jacqueline Freedman, Jacqueline Freedman, Martin Freeman, Sabra Friedman, Matthew Fritze, Nichole Frocheur, Joanna Frueh & Jill O’Bryan, Terra Fuller, David G., Faith S. Gabel, Mark Galindez, Arturo Garcia, Corey Garcia, Roberto Garcia, Laurel Garcia Colvin, Milton Garcia Latex, Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, Joy Garnett, Deborah Garwood, Bob Gates, Jeff Gauntt, Stan Gaz, Madeline Gekiere, Amy Geller, Mike Geno, Alexis George, Valerie George, Sarah Getto, Cris Gianakos, Byron Gibbs, Haya Gil-Lubin, David Gilbert, Shelley Gilchrist, Ardian Gill, Jean K. Gill, Eric Ginsberg, Ava Ginsberg, Luis Gispert, Sean Gittens, Judy Glantzman, Milton Glaser, Sydell Glasser, Robin Glassman, Sybil Gleaton, Daniel Glendening, Angela Glennon, A. Godard, Kate Goertzen, Monika Goete, Susan Gofstein, Justin Goh, Jo Going, Nat Goldberg, Kenneth Sean Golden, Sheila Golden, Ben & Emma Goldman, Lance Goldsmith, David Goldstein, M. Xiomara Gomez, Maria Elena Gonzalez, Kathy Goodell, Alicia Goodfarb, Abby Goodman, David Emanuel Goodman, Juliette Goodwin, Michael Goodwin, Lee Gordon, Kay Gordon, Gore.b, Michelle Gorenstein, Tal Goretsky, Jeff Gottesfeld & Mike Diana, Sarah Gottlieb, sr(s) (gr)over, Leor Grady, Deborah Grant, Robin Graubard, Deba Jean Gray, Kimberley Gray, Joanne Greenbaum, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Eric Gregg, Stan Gregory, Peter Griffin, Michela Griffo, Clare Grill, Carina Grossmann, Katrin Grotepass, Caroline Grubbs, Erin Rae Guenzler, Ivaylo Guergiev, Kathy Gulrich, Rikki Gunton, Diana Gurfel, Carlos Gutierrez-Solana, Hans Haacke, Theresa Hackett, Patricia Haemmerle, Katherine Hagan, Sara Haley, Joan Hall, Cassandra Jennings Hall, Linda Hall, Brent Hallard, Dan Halm, Cristine Halt, Katy Hamer, Anna Hammand, Harmony Hammond, Jane Hammond, John Hampshire, Linda Handler, Tan Hang Wee, Rose Hankish, Erik Hanson, Kim Hanson, John Hardy, Joann M. Harrah, Christopher Harris, Rodney Harrison, Rose Hartman, Peter Harvey, Ellen Harvey, Michael Harwood, Naj Hasani, Naj Hasani, Naj Hasani, Skowmon Hastanan, Fred Hatt, Bobbi Hau, Sarah Hauser, Tom Hawkins, Stuart Hawkins, Mary Heilmann, Mara Held, Jessica Renee Helfand, Gary Heller, Thomas Hellstrom, Brizzy Hemphill, Doug Henders, Tyrone Henderson, Geoffrey Hendricks, Bill Hendricks, John Hendriks, Carol Henry, Ed Herman, Matthias Herrmann, Alex Hetherington, Bernard Hildebrandt, Amy Hill, Claudia Hill, Juan Hinojosa, Colleen Ho, Jim Hodges, Anne Hodson, Anna Hofverberg, Laura Holeman, Frank Holliday, Joseph O. Holmes, Katie Holten, Sylvia Hommert, Meejin Hong, Stephen Honicki, Jerry Hooten, Barbara Horiuchi, Marni Horwitz, Gail Howland, Joel Hoyer, Mary Hrbacek, Gilbert Hsiao, Elizabeth Huey, Morgan Hughes, Laura Hughes, Timothy Hull, David Humphrey, John Hyde, Nash Hyon, Jessica Iapino, Shigeno Ichimura, Asia Ingalls, Matthew Ingle Gaertner, Ketta Ioannidou, Carmen Isasi, Selene Isham, Junichiro Ishida, Ellen Ito, Albert J. Winn, Alfredo Jaar, Larry JaBell, Sandra Jackman, Clarke Jackson, Jackson, Angeliki Jackson, Peter Jacobs, Brooke Jacobs, Jerry Jacobson, Jimmie James, Nicholas James, XYLOR Jane, Matthew Jankowski, Lisa Marie Jankowski, Bobbie Jansen, James Jaxxa, Jim Jeffers, Jamie Jeffers, EunKyung Jeong, Tom Jezek, Aram Jibilian, Pedro Jimenez, Laura Johansen, Erick Johnson, Liz Johnson, Holly Johnson, Nikki Johnson, Carolina Johnson, Jon Joint, Darrell Jones, Bill Jones, Benjamin Jones, Hallie Jones, Darrell Jones, Julie Jones, Michael Joo, Jose Luis Jorge, Alexander Jugasz, Miranda July, Frank Jump, Paul Justice, Ellen Kahn, Faten Kanaan, Robin Kappy, Fernanda Kaspin, Nina Katchadourian, Betsy Kaufman, Jessica M. Kaufman, John Carlos Keasler, Andromahi Kefaloo, Millan Kelley, Shawn Kelloway, Shawn Kelloway, Jamie Kelty, Kate Kernstein, Sam Kerson, Shirin Khaki, Kianne, Hee Sook Kim, Young Kim, David King, Anki King, Sarah Kipp, Susan Kirby, J.T. Kirkland, Dmitry Kiyan, Ross Klavan, Barbara Klein, Susan Klein, Thomas Klem, Elisabeth Kley, Lucretia Knapp, Karen Knesevich, Emily Knight, Frances Knight, Elizabeth Knowles, Cassie Rose Kobeski, Philip Kogan, Terence Koh, Carol Kohn, Francine Kohn, Despina Konstantinides, Thomas Koole, Katherine Koos, Fran Kornfeld, Roy Kortick, E. Jan Kounitz, Joyce Kozloff, Hope Kozluca, Aaron Krach, Helmut Krackie, Benjamin Kraus, Fawn Krieger, Debra Kruse, Liliana Krynska, Melora Kuhn, Louis Kunsch, Melissa Kuntz, Michelle Kurlan, Srinivas Kuruganti, Eri Kuwabara, Greg Kwiatek, Michael Kwiecinski, Eliot Lable, Edwin Lacend, David Lachman, Stephen Lack, Miles Ladin, Abshalom Jac Lahav, Thomas Lail, Lexi Lambros, Jeremy Landau, Marc Landes, Aaron Landow, Jesse Langille, Jessica Langston, Yuliya Lanina, Barbara Lapin, Eve Andree Laramee, Laura Lark, Laura Lark, John S. Lathram, III, Sebastien Latreille, Ayala Laufer-Cahana, Dion Laurent, Louis Laurita, Louise Lawler, J.C. Lazarus, Norene Leddy, Marjeta Lederman, Cal Lee, Tom Lee, Roz Leibowitz, Catarina Leitao, Marc Lepson, Paul Leroy Gehres, Christopher Lesnewski, Barbara E. Leven, Joe Levickas, Les Levine, Esther Levine, Steven Johnson Leyba, Danny Licul, Edward Lightner, Glenn Ligon, Clarence Lin, Mindy Lin, Ming Lin, Jennifer Lindley, Martha Link, Megan Lipke, Stephen Lipman, Marcia Lippman, Lump Lipshitz, Jackie Lipton, Tim Lonergan, Daniel Long, Jason Longchamps, Hilary Lorenz, Nelson Loskamp, Valerie Love, Mary Ann LoVerme, Gina Lovoi, Bailey Lowenthal, Rebecca Loyche, Elizabeth Kom Lozake Browning, Robert Ludwig, Vera Lutter, Janelle Lynch, Giles Lyon, Noah Lyon, Noah Lyon, Noah Lyon, Mandy Lyons, Diana Lyons, Marci MacGuffie, Ian Mack, Krista Madsen, Megan Maguire, Cecilia Mahal, Charles Werner Mahal, Jr., Jennifer Mahlman, Rebecca Major, Luis Mallo, Stephen Mallon, Marian Maloney, David Mandel, Patricia Anne Mandel, Jason Mandella, Dina Mann, Ricky Manne, Erica Mapp, Mitchell Marco, Amy Marinelli, Thom Markee, Norma Markley, China Marks, Sandy Marostica, Adria Marquez, Kathleen S. A. Marquis, Christopher Marquis, Ena Marrero, Neil Marshall, Trevor Martin, Joanna Martinez, Bob Marty, Joanna Marzullo, Christina Massey, Randy Mastin, Thomas Matsuda, Joanne Mattera, Kegera Matthews-Lawrence, Matuschka, Gina Mauro, Annie Maxwell, Jen May, Lauren Mayer, Xanda Mc Cagg, Kerry McAnulty, Polly McCaffrey, Emma McCagg, F. Mott McCampbell, Allison McCarthy, Mark D. McComb, Harold McCray, Colleen McCubbin Stephanic, Nicole McCumber, Robert McCurdy, Meredith McDonald, Tim McDonnell, Barry McGee, Dominic McGill, Brendan McGillicuddy, Conor Mcgrady, Paul McHale, Kate McInerney, John McKaig, Craig McKenzie, Anne Q. McKeown, Sarah McKiel, Mark McLoughlin, Denise McMorrow, Bruce McNally, Jamie McPartland, Beverley McQuillan, Lisanne McTernan, Amanda Means, Roberto Medina, Pam Fradina Meheran, Morgan Meheran, Linda Meisenhelder, Brad Melamed, Reyez Melendez, Kristin Ann Melin, Haley Mellin, Margery Mellman, Ann Messner, Lucia Alba Mettler, Scott S. Meyers, Maggie Michael, Vincent Michaud, Elinor Milchan, William H. (Billy) Miller, Judith S. Miller, Holly Miller, Mireille Miller, Zan Miller, Marilyn Minter, Richard Mirabile, Michael Mitchell, Kenneth Mitchell, Tadashi Mitsui, Joseph Modica, John Monaco, Christopher Mondello, Dean Monogenis, Leah Montalto, Katherine Montelaro, Ken Montgomery, Gregory Montreuil, Chris Moody, Randy Moore, Cindy Moore, Nik Moore, Kellie Moore, Paul Moran, Michael C. Morgan, Janet Morgan, Lora Morgenstern, Juri Morioka, James Morrison, Leo Morrissey, Shawn Mortensen, Keren Moscovitch, Arezoo Moseni, Carrie Moyer, Ryan Mrozowski, Roger Mudre, Jill Mueller, Jay Muhlin, Erick Assis Munari, Susan Munoz, Elizabeth Murray, Tatyana Murray, Prema Murthy, Stefanie Nagorka, Math-You Namie, James Nares, Antonella Natale, Florence Neal, Victoria Neel, David Nelson, Irene Neno Diaz, Barbara Nessim, Becky Newsom, Kathleen Ney, Annysa Ng, Christian Nguyen, Elise Nicol, Thisbe Nissin, Nick Normal, Lorie Novak, Mardi Nowak, Judith Nylen, Robert O’Donnell, Elin O’Hara Slavick, Robyn O’Neil, Leah Oates, Ashley Oates, Staci Offutt, Iviva Olenick, Nancy Olivier, Stephen Olivier II, Stephen Olivier II, Suzanne Olmsted, Dawline-Jane Oniesele, Yoko Ono, Sarah Oppenheimer, Nicki Orbach, Steven Ott, Tom Otterness, Gwen Oulman Brennan, Joe Ovelman, Jennifer Overbagh, Lindsay Packer, Jean-Paul Page, Holly Painter, Mervi Pakaste, James Paladino, Ruby Palmer, Sachin Pannuri, John Thomas Paradiso, Jung Eun Park, Brendan Parker, Mike Parker (a.k.a. Swami), Rocio Parra Parra, Stephanie Parto, Garrett Jay Paulus, Jim Pavlicovic, Leanette Peles, Carol Peligian, Leemour Pelli, Liz Penniman, Sheila Pepe, Osvaldo Perdomo, Osvaldo Perdomo, Osvaldo Perdomo, Osvaldo Perdomo, Antonia Perez, Matteo Pericoli, Bruno Perillo, Quimetta Perle, Daniel Perry, Gilda Pervin, Samantha Pesono, Carol Petino, Karsten Petrat, Daniel Petrov, Alexander Petti, Carlos Pez, George Pfau, Carol Pfeffer, Laura Sue Phillips, Tracy Phillips, Corina Pia, James Picard, Lauren Picciano, Angelia Pickett, Marta Pierazzuoli, Jack Pierce, Lee Pierce, David Pierce, Vickie Pierre, Maya Pindyck, Mary Pinto, Kim Piotrowski, Philip Pirolo, Joe Piscopia, Lucia Pizzani, Lola Planells, Dan Plansky, Anna Plesset, Betsy Podlach, Tiffany Pollack, Ben Polsky, Michael Ponce, Nuno Pontes, Bonnie Portelance, Amy Jean Porter, Josefina Posch, Maggie Prendergast, Lily Prentice, Rubin Press, Elisa Pritzker, Rick Prol, Carol Prusa, Joan Puchalski, Ernesto Pujol, Dianne Purdy, Antonio Puri, Conny Purtill, Matthew Pych, Wayne Pyle, Ileana Quintano, Fred Quintiliani, Dada Ra, Kwanghee Ra, Svetlana Raby, Luis Rabyo, Michael Rader, Dean Radinorsky, Ramirex, Paul Henry Ramirez, John Rand, Meryl Lynn Ranzer, Rappel, Jon D. Rappleye, Kaylyn Raschke, Amy Raudenbush, Moriah Ray, Evan Read, Ashley Reagan, Florita Realin, Catherine Redmond, David Reed, Catherine Renae, Richard Renaldi, Jennifer Renshaw, Carla Repice, Barbara Jo Revelle, Miguel Angel Reyes, David Reyes, Carla Reyes, Eric Rhein, Misty Rice, Jean Richard, Robert W. Richards, Benito Rios, Stefanie Roach, Daniel H. Roberts, Marie Roberts, Dale Roberts, Cynthia Roberts, Daniel H. Roberts, Andrew Robinson, Gregory Robinson, Elise Robles, Debbie Rodenhauser, Kristina Rogers, Patricia Rogers, Sunsook Roh, Tina Rojas, Tim Rollins & K.O.S., Sonia Romero, Taney Roniger, Kara Rooney, Tara Rose, Kim Rosen, Caren Rosenblatt, Theo Rosenblum, Robin Ross, Ryan Roth, Billy Rotter, Joy Faye Rowan, Carrie Rubinstein, Cornelia Ruehlicke, Scott Rummler, Thomas Rupich, Ed Ruscha, Arlene Rush, Craig Russell, Gaetano Ruvio, Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul, Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul, George S., Tara Sabharwal, Beatricia Sagar, Ken Sahr, Aiana Saigueko, Karl Saliter, Vincent Salvati, Terry Samilson, Ginny Sampson, Toni-Lee Sanastiano, John Sanchez, Joel Sanders, Joel Sanders, Reuben Sandwich, Tom Sanford, Gloria Sangoyo Ruenitz, Carmine Santaniello, Katia Santibanez, Jonathan Santlofer, Paul Santoleri, Nelson Santos, Maria & Florentine Santos, Justin Sanz, Jennifer Sarkilahti, Gordon Sasaki, Richard Sawdon Smith, Thomas Arthur Schaefer, Michael Schall, Robert Schatz, Sebastian Schaub, Sascha Schaumburg, Ann Schaumburger, Kristen Scheffold, Laura Schindelman, Joseph Schindelman, John Schluenz, Diana Schmertz, Ciarra Schmidt, Jean Schneider, Gary Schneider, Holli Schorno, Tom Schreiber, Susan Schwalb, Molly Schwartz, Sandra Scicchitani, Caroline Scott, Jeffrey Scott, Chris Scroggins, John Seal, Laura Seewoester, Analia Segal, Jackie Seles, Andreas Senser, Christina Serchia, Dixie Serrano, Mary Seveland, Joseph Sexton, Grant Shaffer, Reena Shah, Lauren Shahroody, Babe Shapiro, Laura Sharp Wilson, S. Orrin Sharpless, Donna Sharrett, Patrick Shaw, Renee Shaw, David Shebird, Frank Sheehan, Mark Sheinkman, Albert Shelton, Kate Shepherd, Etienne Latour Genore Hughes Sheppard, Christine Sheppard, Nick Shiflet, Monica Shimkus, Heesun Shin, Gabrielle Shiner-Hill, Kaori Shiota, Ellen Shire, Peter O. Shire, Kiriko Shirobayashi, Ethan Shoshan, Skip Shot, Alyson Shotz, Joyce Siegel, Nathaniel Siegel, Rebecca Siemering, Lori Sikorski, Amy Sillman, Tawnie Silva, Pet Silvia, Stephanie Simek, Jimmie Mack Simmonds, Yvette Simone, Kelley Simons, Kirsten Fae Simonsen, Sonita Singwi, Jean Sirius, Linda Sirow, Liron Sissman, Christina Sitja Rubio, Christina Sitja Rubio, Kiley Sjogren, Gwendolyn Skaggs, Jasna Skroce, Berty Skuber, Tom Slaughter, Jill Slaymaker, Susannah Slocum, Oren Slor, Aminah Slor, Adam Smith, Kiki Smith, Lory Smith, Louise Smith, Alix Smith, Jaimee E. Smith, Chris Smith, Chris Smith, Elisabeth Smolarz, Tom Snelgrove, Dorothy Snyder, Claudia Sohrens, Deanne Sokolin, Jan Lynn Sokota, Xian Soldier, Lori Solondz, Thomas R. Somerville, Thomas R. Somerville, Erika Somogyi, Fierce Sonia, Robert Soret, Mario Sostre, Ilyse Soutine, Teddy Spath Jr., Maria Spector, Sabina Speich, Tracey Sperling, Gary Speziale, Gary Speziale, Gary Speziale, David Spiher, Margot Spindelman, Matthew St Adelmann, Sherry St. Renz, Francis Stallings, Chrysanne Stathacos, Rene Stawicki, Will Steacy, Anne Stebbins, Barry Steely, Clint Steib, Sarah Steinwachs, Pat Steir, Stanley Stellar, Seyda Sterns, Steven A. 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