Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As I noted before, For PLANNING PROCESS: Drawings and Finished Works, I proposed re-creating the Hotel Art Intervention process itself by recreating an entire hotel room at the Arlington Art Center (or at least a subset of it). There would be a bed and other hotel paraphernalia, including some usual hotel wall décor hanging on the wall, and one disassembled piece laying on the bed and been “intervened” upon. At various times during the exhibition period, this piece would be worked on and added to (by me), and at the end of the show the “finished artwork” would be hung back on the wall.

If anyone out there works in a hotel or knows someone who works in a hotel/motel, etc. I need some assorted hotel peripherals for this installation and I need them now!

I'm talking stuff like ice cube bucket and tray, some of the advertising stuff hotels put in their rooms, etc. The more the better, but I have the rest sort of lined up. In the best case scenario, a hotel would lend me "everything" to re-create their room at the Arlington Art Center, but I'm happy with just some assorted hotel stuff.

None of this would be at any cost to the loaning hotel, and in return, during the exhibition I would have a visible note at the gallery stating that the hotel artifacts are courtesy of the hotel.

During the exhibition I will be creating a work of art at this re-created hotel room, and at the end of the exhibition I will give the participating hotel this new work of art as a gift and as a thank you for their assistance.

Can anyone out there help? If so, drop me an email to or call me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Closing Party

Join the artists of the Washington Glass School as they celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a closing party / birthday bash at Long View Gallery.

The highly successful exhibit "Artists of the Washington Glass School: The First 10 Years" will close that night and the artists, art lovers, supporters and friends will gather for the anniversary event.

If you haven't seen the show that is an 'Editor's Pick' of the WaPo, and had the arts critic Michael O'Sullivan "feel like a monkey in front of a ball of shiny, shiny tin foil" - here is your chance!

Washington Glass School
10th Anniversary Party
Long View Gallery
1234 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Sunday, June 19th, 2011
2-5 pm

See ya there!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Guess what arrived via FEDEX this afternoon?

100 Artists of Washington, DCThe 100 Washington, DC Artists' advance copy just got delivered to my home today and the book is gorgeous!

And the back cover has quite a few pieces of art; work by Rik Freeman, Alexa Meade, Melissa Ichiuji, David D'Orio, Adam Bradley and others - this was a pleasant surprise, as I didn't know that they had chosen art for the back cover!

The publisher also shipped a bottle of Stargazer 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate the release of the book - I'm touched by this class act!

Those of you who ordered books should get them soon, as they arrive in the publisher's warehouse in a few weeks.

Later: news of the book release party!

Azucar Moreno

The words to this international megahit by Spain's Azucar Moreno (the Salazar sisters) is what makes me wish that everyone could understand the beauty of Spanish as a lover's language. The title of the song is "Devour me again..." Enjoy the marriage of Spanish classical music with a contemporary beat:

Planning Process at AAC

While I was in the UK I got the news that I had been selected by Helen Allen (former creator and Executive Director of PULSE Art Fairs; former Executive Director of Ramsay Art Fairs; and current partner for the upcoming (e)merge art fair in Washington, DC) to exhibit at the Arlington Art Center's "Planning Process" exhibition.

What's this exhibition about? From the prospectus:

PLANNING PROCESS is a juried drawing show with a difference: All of the drawings selected for inclusion must be studies created in preparation for finished artworks. Winning studies will be shown alongside finished pieces in a variety of media: A sculptor or a painter could show sketches alongside finished objects . . . a video artist could show storyboards alongside video . . . an installation artists could show plans alongside photos documenting a finished project—or a recreation of that project onsite.
So for this show I will be doing an installation of my Hotel Art Intervention Project.

As many of you know, since 1977 I have been conducting a one man crusade to add original artwork to hotel rooms. As part of this process, when I travel I often bring a minimal set of art supplies as well as tools. Once I check into a hotel room, I identify a piece of hotel wall décor to be “improved” by the addition or substitution of original art. I usually disassemble the piece, and sometimes add imagery to the original piece. In some cases, whenever I feel that I can “get away with it,” (which depends on what other images are hanging in the room) I do a complete substitution of the original hotel piece (most often substituting it with an original drawing or watercolor).

For PLANNING PROCESS: Drawings and Finished Works, I proposed re-creating the Hotel Art Intervention process itself by recreating an entire hotel room at the Arlington Art Center (or at least a subset of it). There would be a bed and other hotel paraphernalia, including some usual hotel wall décor hanging on the wall, and one disassembled piece laying on the bed and been “intervened” upon. At various times during the exhibition period, this piece would be worked on and added to (by me), and at the end of the show the “finished artwork” would be hung back on the wall.

The artists selected by Allen for this exhibit are:
John James Anderson

F. Lennox Campello

R. L. Croft

Craig Kraft

Magnolia Laure

Jessie Lehson

Ephraim Russell

Samuel Scharf

Dan Tulk

Jessica Van Brakle

Tom Wagner

Andrew Wodzianski

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wards 7 or 8 artists

Are you an artist and live in either Ward 7 or 8? If so, drop me an email at - I may have a good opportunity for you!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flux Studios' New Emerging Artist Program

Flux Studios in the Gateway Arts District in Mount Rainier, MD has announced their new Emerging Artist Program.

Accepted applicants will receive a 45 square foot work space, 24 hour access with free parking, an annual solo exhibition at Flux, immersion in a professional art studio and the opportunity for mentorship in their art practice as well as in areas of professional development.

Cost is $200/month, one year commitment required.

Flux Studios is now accepting applications for this program. If interested in applying, please contact Novie Trump at

Flux Studios LLC is a contemporary art space in Mt. Rainier, MD housing the professional studios of six artists and a small informal gallery space with rotating exhibitions.

Flux Studios has a visiting artist program, hosting artists from the US and abroad for residencies ranging from two weeks to three months. They also offer workshops taught by master artists in a variety of media, ranging from encaustic to ceramic sculpture.

Opportunities for Artists

Deadline: July 1, 2011

Each year, the Arlington Arts Center selects 10 to 14 artists from across the Mid-Atlantic region for solo exhibitions in AAC’s seven separate gallery spaces—or outside on the grounds. Proposals that specifically consider AAC’s space, layout, and surrounding environs are encouraged. Floors plans are available on their website. Any existing works must have been completed within the last 3 years in order to be considered.

Three guest panelists will lead the review process for SOLOS this year, and consider every artist application received: Klaus Ottman, Curator at Large and Director of the Center for the Study of Modern Art for the Phillips Collection; Karen Milbourne, curator for the Smithsonian African Art Museum; and JJ McCracken, DC based installation artist and art professor (and one of the artists in my 100 Washington, DC Artists book).

SOLOS 2012 applications can be found here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking News: Art-O-Matic in Frederick

A large building (belongs to the Frederick County Board of Education and has 27,000 sq feet) has been secured for a Frederick, MD based Art-O-Matic and the event, in all its glory, buzz, impact, detractors and career-making opportunities for artists is expected to take place in historic downtown Frederick in the fall.

I hear that Frederick artist Steven Dobbin and crew have the lead for this project.

I also hear that this will take a lot of leads and guidance from the DC area ArtOMatic.

Also, of special note - Frederick, MD was just rated the 8th top small town arts destination in the country; Congrats!

This kind of event may certainly spike that number!

Book almost here!

100 Artists of Washington, DCThe 100 Washington, DC Artists book is almost here!

I am told by the publisher that the advances arrived on Monday and that I will get an advance copy by next week, as for arrival in the warehouse for distribution, they have it slated for arrival on or about June 30th.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Strictly Painting 8

This much anticipated biennial juried exhibition at McLean Project for the Arts presents the work of artists exploring the medium of painting who reside in the Mid-Atlantic region. Juried by Jayme McLellan, well-known curator and Director of Civilian Art Projects, the exhibit will include works by thirty-seven artists. Free and open to the public; Opening reception and talk: Thursday, June 16, 7 - 9 pm.

John Anderson
Maremi Andreozzi
David Barr
Marcus Beauregard
Jennifer Bishop
Bong Kyun Noh
Kathy Brady
Nancy Bruce
Thomas Bucci
Mike Cantwell
Carolyn Case
Leigh Anne Chambers
Karl Connolly
Brian Dang
Joel D'Orazio
Joy Every
Claire Feng
Cavan Fleming
E Garner
Seth Havercamp
Timothy Horjus
Margaret Huddy
Rachel Jeffers
Ryan Carr Johnson
J.T. Kirkland
Marni Lawson
Matthew Mann
Greg Minah
Michele Montalbo
Sarah Robbins
Nicole Santiago
Judy Southerland
Nora Sturges
Champ Taylor
Dan Treado
Jessica Van Brakle
Andrew Wodzianski

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Flying on Facebook - a cartoon by F. Lennox Campello c.2009Heading home today via Amsterdam... more later.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

York, Walker and 30 pieces of silver

Today we took the train from Harrogate and spent the day walking around York, enjoying a nice sunny day in this picture postcard Northern English town. My focus was to try to see Cornelia Parker’s Thirty Pieces Of Silver, which had been re-installed (on loan from the Tate) at York St Mary’s medieval church.

And guess what?

The installation looks 1000% better in this medieval setting than in the Tate! In fact, the modern aspect of the flattened spoons, plates, musical instruments, etc. all really seem to make an "easier" leap to the famous biblical story when presented in this space full of a vast history of its own.

Heading back home tomorrow, via Amsterdam.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Ripley, North Yorkshire

Ripley Ice CreamYesterday we took the number 36 bus from Harrogate to Ripley (Note to self: I had forgotten that in the UK, even if you're standing in the bus stop shelter waiting for the bus, they will just zoom on by unless you wave them down!) and not only discovered a lovely little village there with an exceptional art gallery, a historic fortified house (home of a gent who was knighted in the 1290s because he saved Edward III from the attack of a wild boar), an even more historic church, but also discovered that this village is the home of the world famous Ripley Ice Cream, which was without a doubt the yummiest and creamiest ice cream that I've ever had! And rumor has it that its secret formula is made from Soy milk!

That's Alida and Little Junes sitting on front of Ripley's Ice Cream (and also a really cool candy store).

In Ripley we chatted with Chris Braddon, owner of Chantry House Gallery, which was a pleasant discovery in this tiny village. I say "pleasant" because even though nearby Harrogate has several galleries, I must admit that I have not been too impressed with any of them.

I say this fully realizing that some of Harrogate's galleries cater to a very specific (and I'm about to generalize) English 19th century landscape type work that doesn't really ring my bell. On the other hand, it works for them, as some of these galleries have been around since the 1940s!

There are also at least two galleries which seem to be co-operatives, and those have the usual mix of very good artists with some less talented members. These co-ops seemed both to have quite a few sculptors, which is somewhat unusual in such numbers. Also different is a lot of animal sculpture (dogs, pigs, etc.) both in normal poses and also in whimsical, fantasy situations (dancing hares, etc.).

The rest are the sort of "galleries" that push a lot of signed reproductions on canvas and exhibit permanent displays of cutsey paintings of cows for the children's rooms alongside underwater nudes.

Chantry House GalleryChantry House also necessarily adapts to its environment, but some real talent stands aside in this space, such as the work of John Wheeler, whose initial training as a carpet designer have left profound and unique footprints on his visual fine art paintings and thus separate him immediately from the other hundreds of landscape painters in understandable love with one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Peter Hicks is also a radical departure from other landscape artists in this lovely part of the planet.

His marriage of abstracted forms to deliver fleeting landscape descriptions is both different and refreshing. You can check out his gallery exhibit here.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Capps on MOCA DC

In the WCP, Kriston Capps reports on the woes of Georgetown's legendary "bad boy" gallery here.

Irvine Contemporary Moving from 14th Street

From Martin Irvine:

This summer marks the 10th anniversary of Irvine Contemporary and over 5 years at our 14th Street gallery location. As a result of unmanageable increases in rent in the current economy, Irvine Contemporary will be moving out of our 14th Street gallery space on August 30th. We have enjoyed a wonderful run of exhibitions, events, and achievements for our artists in this space, and we are fortunate to have the continued support of so many friends, collectors, artists, and colleagues in the Washington, DC community and beyond.

We want to conclude our time on 14th Street by celebrating our artists and recognizing the community that has been the life of the gallery at this location. Over the summer, we will present two exhibitions as a tribute to our artists. Artist Tribute Exhibition 1 will open on June 11, and Artist Tribute Exhibition 2 on July 23, and will include special events and talks with many of artists. We look forward to your continued patronage in supporting our artists in these final exhibitions on 14th Street, and invite you to join us in celebrating their great work and achievements.

While we are planning this move and transition, we are continuing to curate exhibitions and represent our artists through the fall of this year. We will soon announce the exciting exhibitions and events that we have planned in the fall.

Artist Tribute Exhibition 1
June 11 - July 16
Opening Reception, Saturday, June 11, 6-8PM

Old Peculier 5.6% ABV

Theakston's Old PeculierEnjoying Theakston's Old Peculier at a pub in Harrogate, UK; this is one tasty brew!

I noticed Little Junes studying the juxtapositioning of the brew and his water. He looked at them, studied the angle of approach, studied me as I fiddled with the camera; a fraction of a second later he darted for the beer, but it takes a lot of skill to burglarize a beer from the Lenster, so I snatched it up a nanosecond ahead of him.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


FCUKFrench Connection United Kingdom - Seen at Boots drugstore in Harrogate, UK.

Is this brand sold in the US?

Friday, June 03, 2011


“The Washington Glass School is known for its excellent student program and the quality of creative work its students produce. I wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary by giving students an opportunity to exhibit their work in Gallery 555dc. Running and managing a school takes hard work, long hours and dedication – then more hard work. To celebrate a 10th Anniversary in the art world is a rare thing and a tribute to the founders and teachers of the Washington Glass School. ”

Jodi Walsh
Gallery 555dc
The gallery is at 555 12th Street NW Lobby, Washington DC 20004, 202-393-1409 or 240-447-6071 The reception is Saturday, June 4th, noon to 5pm; Artists present 3 – 5pm.

Sugar Therapy

Sugar Theraphy, Harrogate, UKAwesome shop in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK.

Sugar Theraphy: Name says it all, and Charlotte, the very nice lady working the counter was one of those wizards who make yummy things not only delish but also little works of culinary sweet tooth art.

She also makes her own ice cream, and yesterday she had made pop corn ice cream! And as they say here: Brill!