Wednesday, July 20, 2005

BORF vs The WaPo

We all know that street artist/graffitist/vandal BORF was arrested recently and that WaPo reporter Libby Copeland wrote this piece on the subject.

And then, several of the below have turned up on the sidewalks near the WaPo building...

street graffiti near Wash Post building


second set of street graffitti

A little trivia for you (don't ever play Trivia Pursuit against me)... Vandalism is from the word Vandal. The Vandals were a German tribe that, at the fall of the Roman Empire, swept across Europe leaving behind a trail of destruction, wreckage and... uh... vandalism.

They eventually settled in southern Spain as a people. The land that they settled in is today known as Andalusia... the word Andalusia is a derivative of the Arabic Var Andalus which borrows from the Latin Vandalus... or The Land of the Vandals.

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