Saturday, July 02, 2005

Breedloves... and Seven opening photos

Hisham Singing
Those of you who attended the huge opening of Seven last Thursday at the Warehouse, know that one of the highlights of the opening was the magnificent voice of Hisham Breedlove, who delighted the crowd with not only his painted body, but also with his magnificent voice.

Hisham walked around the seven galleries that make up the show, singing a variety of opera solos; and he was spectacular!

Adrienne Mills recorded the Breedlove's transformation in this series of photographs from the opening of Seven. See them here.

More photos from the opening below (all courtesy Adrienne Mills):

Breedloves with Sandra Fernandez

Breedloves talking with Seven co-curator Sandra Fernandez

Philip Barlow and Vivian Lassman
Philip Barlow and Vivian Lassman

Breedloves with Rebecca Cross
Breedloves with Rebecca Cross in front of her work

Hisham with Andrew Wodzianski
Hisham with Andrew Wodzianski and friend

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