Saturday, July 16, 2005


This morning I took the trolley to the San Diego Convention Center to go and spend the day at the International Comic Book Convention. When I got there, around 11AM... there was already a huge line to get in - at least three or four thousand people, if not more, and the streets were just packed.

So instead I decided to take some fun snaps (I hate waiting for anything; especially waiting in line).

Scissorhands in San Diego

This young kid made this entire outfit himself and it's a pretty good Edward Scissorhands... down to the the plastic kid-safe scissors

And then these Manga-costumed kids see me taking Edward's picture and yell out: "Take our picture too!" And so I do...
Manga kids at Comic Book Convention

The girl on the left seems to be saying to the one putting her sunglasses and bags away: "C'mon! Hurry Uuuuup!"
Manga Lives!
Stormtrooper with glasses
Did you guys know that Imperial Storm Troopers could wear glasses under that white helmet?

Robocop in San Diego
Storm Trooper in Japanese Flip Flops
Then I spotted this Imperial Stormtrooper (short guy) and his blue-haired wife (or partner). He was wearing those cool, Japanese Samurai wooden sandals that add [like] four inches to your height.

Dark Sith Lord in San Diego
And a dark Sith Lord posed for me...

Robocop works the crowdAnd Robocop is still attracting attention...

and so I spot security
And then I spot Security...

Troopers at ComicCon
And so I asked them to pose for me

Green Lantern and The Hawkman
And then I spot The Green Lantern and The Hawkman

Mrs. Hawk coming out of the bathroom
And then I catch Mrs. Hawkman coming out of the little girls' room

Justice LeagueThe Justice League poses for me... including a sullen-looking, knock-kneed Batman

two girls at comic con
Two hotties posing...

clark kent forgot to take off his watch
Clark Kent obviously forgot to take his watch off while changing into Superman inside the phone booth. And by the way... now we all know where Clark Kent's clothes go once Superman rips them off: in a duffel bag!

Jedi with troopers
Two color-coordinated Storm Troopers with a vision-corrected Jedi Knight

the girls
And the girls say goodbye...


gamerdude1985 said...

those are not storm troopers they are spartans from halo

Anthony said...

I'm that Jedi!