Sunday, July 17, 2005


Since yesterday I didn't spend all day at the International Comic Book Convention - because of the huge lines - I instead decided to go do some artwork.

Because I work in charcoal, I always bring some supplies with me while I travel: pencils, sticks, paper and erasers, plus a fixative spray can.

So I bought a six pack, packed it inside a plastic garbage can from my hotel room and covered it with ice and drove to Spanish Landing to do some drawings. And I found an empty bench, and set up to draw some small drawings...
My San Diego Drawing Bench

This is my drawing bench - facing the water at Spanish Landing

I ended up doing a few small drawings overe the next few hours.
San Diego Bench in Spanish Landing

And below are some of the pieces that I did while enjoying the sun and a few beers:

Two nuns
Two Nuns

Two nuns in window
Two Nuns in a Window

A Pictish Face
A Pictish Witch

And I had done these two the night before in my hotel room; they are inspired by my interest in the legend of La Llorona:

La Llorona
La Llorona (from a photograph by the great Danny Conant.)

La Llorona Laughs
La Llorona Laughs

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